Losing faith

I think I'm finally feeling worn out by this relationship and getting ready to give up which is a shame since he's finally deciding to make an effort. There are just too many problems and it's giving me a headache. I know most of the problems lie with me, but part of me keeps saying if he really cared he wouldn't put me in those positions. I'm honest with my feelings. There are certain things he does that he knows bother me such as flaking on plans and interacting with girls I've told him make me feel insecure. I don't get how he gives so much of his time to other people and is so well to them, but to me I barely get anything. Is this what it's like being his girlfriend? It means I see his "bad", unstable side, support him, while not having any of my needs met? Is this what love is supposed to be? I don't know if I can do it anymore. But even more, I don't know if I can break this off. I've tried so many times but can never follow through.

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