I worked in a era where office staff couldn't have no abuse signs

I hate seeing signs in shops, govt offices and medical practices etc that say "this business will not tolerate ...BLA BLA..." now what I have found is they are the first to be rude to people and then the sign does not allow you any come back of defending yourself. one day I went up to the medical receptionist and I said "look I have been waiting here and I just wondered what the delay is etc" politely and then she started making out I was being abusive and speaking in a TONE. and I wasn't and I THOUGHT "WHO THE H*** ARE YOU LITTLE WORKER TO START AN ACT WITH ME" and I said "now I am not being rude thankyou I simply asked a question politely and I was a medical receptionist myself and I know how difficult it can be and I would not be rude. THAT WAS WHEN I WOKE UP TO THEIR CON GAMES THEY DO ON SOME PEOPLE TO GET THE TAKEN AWAY OR LOCKED UP AND TRYING TO MAKE OUT YOUR CRAZY. so MY ADVICE IS BEWARE OF THE SIGNS. WHEN I WORKED WE HAD NO SUPPORT AND HAD TO TAKE VIOLATION AFTER VIOLATION AND IT WAS JUST EXPECTED AND IT REALLY MAKES ME MAD THAT TODAY YOU CAN'T OFFEND THE DELICATE LITTLE CREATURES AND ALL THEY ARE - ARE S*** CARTER WORKERS ON HUGE INCOMES ABUSING THE POOR.

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  • I'm dealing with a government "worker" (I use that term lightly) who takes her sweet time doing her job while demanding that I stay on point in regards to anything -I- need to do or submit.

    A third party who often works with her suggested that I leave a note at reception regarding a meeting the two of them had, but the government "worker" couldn't be bothered to inform ME about.

    The next time I met with the third party, I still hadn't heard from the "worker" but got the feedback that she felt "attacked" by my note. There was nothing inflammatory in it-- in business correspondence, you are always both neutral and to the point, because it's all documentation. But the "worker" STILL felt the need to play the victim, because I dared to inquire about a matter that concerns me that the "worker" couldn't be bothered to communicate about (and still hasn't, another week later).

    Way to go Dawn, you bovine bureaucrat cvnt!

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