How does your brain work...?

Okay, I know a lot of people out there don't care about a 13 year old asking for help, but you know what? This is not fake and it would make my life at least a little more easy if SOMEONE would respond... I have tried to talk with others about this but it doesn't work, I don't really know why. Maybe it is because people come confessing to me, I don't blame them, I am good at keeping secrets and giving advise when it's NOT about love or crushes, you name it.

Oddly, I am good friends with some boys (ok, many...) because at my school most of the girls are snobs with little skirt and expensive handbags, plus they have a new crush every few days and blabla bla. Let's say I am not like that and the boys seem to like me for that. They SEEM to, but what am I really for them?

A good buddy? You know, I love to be the girl-buddy but COME ON!! Don't I deserve some love?!? Why does it look to me like I am the second choice for most of you? And if you keep running off to other girls, why, WHY do you bother coming back!?! What the h*** makes you come back?!? Is it because you know you can stick to me and I will treat you like an equal?? AAHHHRG!!! HOW DOES YOUR F****** BRAIN WORK???

Who knows, maybe it isn't so different from mine.

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  • You're 13/14..give yourself a break. It will happen for you. Your guys friends just think of you as one of the guys. They like your company, that's why they want to hang with you. Have you ever mentioned to one of your guy friends that you have a crush on someone..see what they say.

    You want to know, why they don't they like you like how you want to be liked. Probably because they're 13/14. It has nothing to do with you. Sometimes boys like the girls who wear the skirts, fancy bag and have the s***** attitude. But that doesn't mean you should change who you are. That one guy who likes you just the way you are is out there.

    You're young. It will happen. You have your entire life ahead of you. Someone is out there who will reciprocate your crush. Just hang in there! People do care what 13 yr olds think. Your feelings and thoughts are valid. Keep on speaking up.

  • I am just trying to ask for help, thanks for insulting me because I cussed less than you in a text that is three times longer yours. But you know what? I forgive you because you apparently are too immature to have some kind of understanding. By the way, do you know the definition of teenager? It's someone between the age of 13 and 19. And I'm turning 14 in two weeks. Anyway, don't pretend you didn't have the same or similar problems when you were at my age because then you are lying and you know it.

    Okay, I admit that I DO cuss a lot in real life, but you can't say my friends (or you) cuss less than me. But since you think I'm a b**** now anyway I suggest you take your f****** GGL and your 200€ glasses and SHOVE THEM UP YOUR ASS. People like you simply p*** me off because not only they think they are superior to others but they also take a s*** on fair trade and the poor Chinese kids that have to make your expensive clothes for less than 30 cents.

    Now you are probably cussing at me for being gay and a f****** nerd, but I do not think that being gay is that bad and I would love to be a nerd because in a few years, the F****** nerds will rock the world.

    Bye bye, kiss kiss and EAT THIS M***********.

  • Knock it off, alright? You are 13 for crying out loud, the reason that they don't like you is because you are obviously much too immature. Wait until you are actually at least a teenager and then try dating guys. And clean up your freakin mouth, girls who cuss like that are TRASHY.

  • i was you! guys who truely care about you do not want to proceed with a "love" relationship with you because they don't want to lose you. Be patient. I know it's hard to hear, I also hated it. You are just 13, enjoy the time being young, love will come when you least expect it.
    Future you at 23 years old

  • Did the author seriously write this to herself? Lame.

  • No, you just can't make the difference between 13 and 23...

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