Daddy's Little Girl

The story continued from my last post:

One night, I accompanied my dad to watch some football match. Not that I'm interested but purely because I can't sleep and I'm kinda bored. Then, this thought about seducing my dad coming back to me. As usual, I dressed for comfort at night. I wore tank top with quite low cut and a short.

Somehow I need to divert my dad's attention from TV to me, as I will let him watch how her daughter had grown up and was very h****, craving some touches from her dad.

I'm not used to this, naturally I never really tease man in my entire life. So, I got up to have a drink and when I came back to him, I put my hand around him from behind, offering a drink and ask him for me to feed him. Of course I intentionally pressed my breast to his back. After he reluctantly drank, he looked at me to the side and in that brief moment, I kissed him in the mouth. He did try to back off but I keep pushing and let my hand help me press his head toward me. After a while, I let my tongue play inside of his mouth. His face was all red. He seemed quite reluctant, but never to push me so hard. So I tried to take over before I lose all of my courage.

After a long kiss, I moved my body around him and sat on his lap. Continue kissing him hard. I tossed the glass to the side of the sofa and held his hand, gradually leading his hand to my breast. He paused quite long after his hand on my breast.

I then whispered to his ear to caress my breast softly. And he did. Oh it felt so good, having his arm caressing my breast carefully. Not long, I led his hand to go inside my tank top to pinch my hard nipples. I re positioned my body so that I can touched his d***. I caressed it softly too from outside. I put my hand inside and grab his d***. Not very long but quite thick. My hand hardly cover the whole size of his d***. I began stroke his d*** slowly and kept staring at his face to see the enjoyment he had from my hand. I then kneel in front of him and strip his pant. He just sat there staring in disbelief how his daughter did that. I won't wait long before I put his whole d*** in my mouth. Ahh the taste.. as I stroke it with my hand while keep sucking on the tip.. occasionally licking it while looking up to check how he made his face..

Not long, he burst quite a lot of c** into my mouth. That was the first time that I had a c** in my mouth, and I couldn't let myself to swallow it. So I took a paper tissue and spit it out. After that, we paused because things kinda get awkward. I stood up and kiss him, saying thank you because he let me do it. I told him that I don't mind to do it with him.

Yes, maybe it is out of l***. But it is also because I love him so much. How I admired him from so long from my childhood. I don't mind to do anything if I can make him happy. I'll be more than glad if I can give him my virginity.

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  • I hope that i can do this with my dog

  • Grt s*** ul get places

  • Nice titilation. wish it were true.

  • Wow. How I wish I was your dad.

  • You should really consider killing yourself

  • Y cuz she's a h**** misguided jit lol we should all be dead then goofy...hmu ma all u need is purposebl and direction I got u...purpose is paper movement is mula hollw

  • Proper grammar please!!!!

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