My first time

Im 14 i have bin really h**** i have been flirting with my dad and brother my dad would flirt back but that was it my brother would make out with me so one day i just got out of the shower i had on a towel i stoped to talk to him i let my towel slip don showing my little b cup breast he had his hands on thim right away we after a fue minutes his tung was deep in my mouth one hand was on my b**** and the other hand had made it through my towel and was rubbing my p**** i was getting really wet win he told me he couldn't do this to his girlfriend and walked away i wint to my room and finger my self about a week later me and dad was home by ourselves i wint up and got a shower and came down raped in a towel i was walking up to my dad and (tripped) over my on feet and dropped my towel and fell on him in my sexist voise i sead daddy im sorry i don't mean thin i fealt his hand on my ass as he picked me up and trund me so i was setting across his lap he looked in to my i's for a minute thin kiss me on the mouth the sead dame u r really sexy i kiss him back and sead i know he started fingering my p**** and squeezing my b**** after fue minutes i had an o***** he was rubbing inside me right at the front of my p**** i came cuppel more times thin i was squirting it was the best feeling ever he fingered me until i squirted 2 more time hi kiss me again with his tung in my mouth thin he picked me up with on hand in my p**** still rubing me and the other arm around my back rubing my hip he kissed me again and cared me to my room and layed me on my bed thin the striped got on top of me and kiss me again i feel a slight pane as he pushed his 9 in d*** in to me it took 2 tryes to get all of it in me he f***** me for about 70 minutes before he shout his c** deep inside of my thin he kissed me and told me he will visit me again tonight i can't wats it was great im righting this with his c** still running down my leg i can't wait for more

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