Hello big boy

I had my son when i was 15 he's know 45 and has a teenage son,my grandson has been helping me sort my bedroom out,I only went to get a drink when i came back he had hold of my silk underwear i grabbed them off him and we joked about it and he said bet you look even more sexy which took me by surprise so i asked him does he think im sexy and he looked at my t*** and then covered his lap which he was clearly trying to hide his erection so i took control and moved the pillow he used and you could see his d*** trying to get free,I then asked has he ever jerked off which i already knew the answer but had to ask and soon as i asked him i put my hand on it to which he let out a groan i then told him to slip his shorts down and his d*** came flying out slapping against his stomach i slowly worked on that big boy feeling it pulsating in my hand blowing his hot c** everywhere, thinking he was done i cleaned my hand off and he was still rock hard and asked if he wanted more and he pulled my bed covers back and knew i was about to f*** my grandson,it had been a while the last time i had s** and wasn't thinking about turning him down.

Jan 4, 2021

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  • My grandson is in his mid-teens and he fu cks me at least twice a week.

  • I'm a 66 year old gentleman with lots of family and I would never interact sexually with any of them. I would, however, chase you around the block and seek a rollicking good time on the nearest mattress! You sound like a hot young babe to me. Youth is so often wasted on the young!

  • How old are you and how long have you wanted to f*** him

  • Was it a good f###?

  • Oh my gawd so hot

  • Are you for real? Old bags can't even leave their grandsons alone! You make me sick in the gut.

  • What a moronic reply. My grandmother showed me how to pleasure her kitty when I was 14, and spunking up it was the best sensation I'd ever felt.

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