Landlord doubles my pay

Been working in a pub 3 months now since i turned 18 and to get my money up...i stay right till closing time and let the landlord f*** me! hes got to be in his late 50s and loves me working there so i always wear the tightest skirts n tightest tops, highest heels i can, i like him but dont love him, i have a boyfriend its just he doubles my wage if he gets to f*** me that evening afterhours, its quite a good arrangement as hes not a bad f*** and all i have to do is bend over the bar and let him do his thing, sometime he want me to face him so he would then have me on a bar stool or something! but he mostly wants to do me from behind as his wife never let him do her from behind, he gives me extra if i let him c** in my mouth or face, and he had a pretty good d*** for a guy older than my dad, he has even made me c** a few times(when he lasts longer than 5mins)

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  • It's incredible how much you have accomplished in such a short time. Congratulations!'s time to start making him beg for it. BEG!! And when he begs, start bargaining with him. Tell him, "doubling my pay just won't do it anymore, luv, we're going to have to start tripling!" He'll resist, but all you have to do is show him a little bit of areola, or a little bit of l****, or a little bit of the rim of your a***. He'll be drooling. And he'll pay. You are a hero to all of us women out here! You go girl!!!!

  • Omg i should so do that...need to make him wait awhile thou as i pretty much gave him everything

  • Last night

  • Mmmmm as long as you are enjoying it carry on.

  • Oh i am and i plan to

  • This is one of the sexiest things on here! You are amazing! Keep up the good work!

  • Haha yea freshly f***** again by him tonight, fishnets and boots tonight, earned over 100quid and a f**** full of c**

  • I get so wet reading about your exploits. Or should I say "sexploits"!! Wish I was so brave as you!!!!

  • You like when he c*** on your face? Does your boyfriend ever c** on your face?

  • Yea i do actaully, love looking up at a man old enough to be my dad wanking over me, cuming on my face, the warm feel on my face and his is alot thicker than my bfs c**

  • You should up the game a little. Tell him you want him to f*** you on the floor with your legs over his shoulders, and you want him to bang you hard. Tell him you want him to c** on your face, and you'll let him film it on his mobile. Say you'll do it - but want £500 to do it.

  • Wow, you sound like a lot of fun

  • I try lol

  • I wish the girls at my work were as kinky as you when i get them alone late at my office or on the weekends

  • Well u have no idea what they are thinking till you make your move

  • I have, but these b****** just turn me down leaving me all h****

  • Well i dont think i can be the only 1 lol

  • Then i must be working at the wrong place cuz these chicks dont give me s***

  • So your cheating on your bf? is he even single?

  • What my boss? no he has a wife a very fat wife who is a total b****! and yes it is cheating durrr

  • Is he fat?

  • Well he isnt exactly fat, but when sucking his d***, his belly does block his veiw of me lol big d*** thou

  • What are your sizes how small are you compaired to him?

  • Im a size 8 waist and a B cup b******, pretty short i think im just about 5ft so yea im a little danty thing compared to him lol

  • So hot to think the older man is using your small petite body for his sexual pleasure? have you ever f***** him during working hours?

  • Not full s**, i have sucked his d*** in the celler with his wife up at the bar

  • Give details on what you wear at work?

  • Oh it varies! tonight its black tight skirt and blouse

  • What about your feet? u said heels?

  • Yea if its a short evening shift, i will wear high heels coz he likes that, but if im on a long shift i dont as my feet will kill me by end day!

  • Does he f*** u in heels?

  • Oh yea everytime i wearing them

  • Whats the sluttest you ever been dressed for him?

  • Stocking and suspenders with heels f***** me on the pool table as my bf waited outside to pick me up

  • I wanna chat with you.....msg me on

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