Are men really this stupid?

I Just this week discovered that my husband of 14 years has spent the last 3 years cheating on me with his sloppy fat secretary who has bleached blonde hair, multiple tattoos and weighs north of 250 pounds. (And I assume that he fathered her youngest child.) I just don't get it. And I don't understand how men think.

May 14, 2016

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  • He has a fat fetish, simple as that. Would you gain weight for him? Then you can have great s** with him too.

  • Don't be foolish!! She's just found out, her man has been cheating on her, for 3 years and may have conceived a child with the trollop!! And you're suggesting to her, to gain weight and f*** her!! What planet are you from, because it's not earth!! I'm guessing, you have no concepts of, what a loving/committed relationship, is supposed to consist of!

  • You're obviously a woman or an effeminate cuck. Your POV on this is a joke. The guy is obviously dissatisfied with his skinny wife and is looking for something better so STFU with your faux outrage.

  • Some fat chicks are really hot and almost all of them love to f*** like rabbits. Many of then love a*** and will do anything to please a man. You sound like a real b****, you're probably skinny as s*** too. Your husband is just looking for what he can't get at home. Obviously this fat girl turns his crank; maybe you should look into why you don't. No offense.

  • AAWW, tell the spouse : "good burn". So, 250 lbs. with tattoos. You showed your hand regarding YOUR appearance Mrs. Ugly.

  • You must be terrible in bed for him to go get head from a fat chick btw it's possible for women to be bad at it lol

  • Tell me about it. There are scores of them too.

  • Yes, they are. It's the testosterone. It makes them morons.

  • Your bitterness only makes it clear that you can't get laid & the truth hurts Miss Ugly.

  • Someone had to find her attractive. It was a tough job, but your husband stepped up to the thankless task. Way to take one for the team (the team of Men! Yeah baby!). No, but seriously, I'd be like Yay men are so stupid but I'm a man and I'm just smart enough to scroll down this page and read confessions from impulsive unfaithful women. An ability which, apparently, you lack,so I got that over you. Yay, trolls!

  • The main problem here is that they DON'T think!

  • That MAY be true at times however I much prefer to be a man who occasionally doesn't think as opposed to a woman who fundamentally has NO ability TO think.

  • Chauvinistic prat!!

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