Pregnant from brief relatonship

Last week, I found out I'm pregnant. The father is a grad student at my college. I'm a junior and should be graduating next year. We dated from December-April. I really liked him and think he's a genuinely great guy --- smart, responsible, kind. But we were just too different and drifted apart. In fact, we never really "broke up", we just started seeing each other less and less until we weren't seeing each other at all. He admitted to being preoccupied with school (working on his PHD) to fully commit to a relationship. I felt the same way, so we parted ways. We have seen each other a few times since then and usually wave/nod at each other.
Anyway, ever since I found out about my pregnancy, I've struggled with how to tell him. I'm still figuring out what I want to do. I don't know if I should let him know before or after I make my decision, or if I should even involve him in it. I actually ran into him on Thursday in the elevator. We had a polite conversation about finals, and then I burst into tears as soon as he got out. I honestly don't know how to tell him, and the fact that I see him so often is making me nervous. It feels wrong to walk by him so casually now, but at the same time I'm scared of his reaction too.
That being said, when and how should I tell him?

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  • Okay, when & how. You're old enough now & plan to graduate college. That stated, you should have had those answers prepared in a similar fashion to the way you prepare for answers on your course examinations. You obviously are poorly prepared for adulthood, much less womanhood. Take my advise ; due to your lack of common sense, don't pass your genes on.

  • Abort

  • You dames are useless.. What is wrong with you?? LIke DUaah. Too stupid to take the Pill?? Gawd it's like so easy NOT to get pregnant your head will spin. No, on second thought DON'T pull yourself together. You're better off being a dillhole or a dumbass the rest of your life.

  • Don't have an abortion. The baby has good genes and deserves to live.

  • You really need to tell him. What are you waiting for? But you also need to decide what you want to do as well: abortion (before it's too late), adoption or keep it. But know that he's is not going to get down on bended knee and propose. You guys aren't dating, so a baby isn't going to make things better. That baby is going to get more and more noticeable. Call and tell him you need to tell him something. Ask him to meet you for coffee or wherever and tell him it's important and it cannot wait. If he asks what it's regarding or says he can't meet, then you'll have to say that you are pregnant. If anything, don't text this.. TALK to him. It will all work out. Once you tell him then you both can figure things out and don't worry about his reaction. Just say I don't know how to tell you, but I have to.. so here goes... Good luck! Do this soon!

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