Josie's adventures in London Ch 1

This is my first erotic fiction story so let me know if you like it.

Josie look up and down the alleyway, shivering in cold drizzle of the morning. This was exactly why she hated London, it was always raining. She also hated Jeffery, if he wasn't always so late it would be such a big deal, but he was always late. If he ever shown up she was going to give him a piece of her... "Josie!" The words rang in her ears, she jumped and turned to see Jeffery standing there looking at her with a look of concern. "Josie" He repeated "I'm been saying your name for the last minute, are you okay?" reaching out to touch her. She flinched, and swatted his hand away, "Yes, I'm fine, did you bring the money?" she asked in a low tone. "Of course I did, you slutty b****!" He said grabbing her t**, his face of concern returning back to his usual leer "Now give me what I want, understand?" He pressed his body against her, and Josie felt the all too familiar b**** pushing itself up into her stomach. "Yes sir" She replied, getting down on her knees, pulling out his enormous 9-inch c*** out. It pulsed and throbbed, just by feeling his b****, she could tell that he had a lot shoot out. With a mixture of remorse and pleasure, she began to suck. She wrapped her lips around it, and with her tongue, started to lick the head. Then making her way down the shaft, something unexpected occurred, Josie felt someone slowly start to press their d*** into her virgin p****. She started, she yanked the d*** out of her mouth, and tried to turn around, but Jeffery grabbed her head and forced it to face him again, and then reinserted his c*** back in her mouth. "Did I give you permission to stop sucking my d***? I don't think so." he exclaimed angrily, slapping her face, "F*** her Sebastian" He egged on the unknown assailant. Josie felt the tip of "Sebastian's" d*** push inside of her p****, it was much bigger than Jeffery's, it had to be at least 12-inches long and 4-inches wide. Despite herself, she let a moan of pure ecstasy, as the c*** began to slide in and out of her tight p****. She began to moan louder as the c*** began to go faster and harder into her, it was hard to suck Jeffery's d*** while she was being f*****, in fact she gave up all together and did nothing but moan and c**. Finally after 30 minutes of non-stop f******, "Sebastian" finally came inside of her tired p****. Josie let out a tired moan as the c*** (still dripping c**) slowly retreated from her body. Jeffery zip up his pants, he had j*** off on her face, Josie had forgotten about him. She look up at him face slathered in c** and feebly asked for her money, Jeffery laughed "I don't think you deserve your money, I had to j*** off because you were to busy f****** my friend." He continued with a sly smile on his face "We had a deal, I pay you $20 dollars for a b******, no b******, no money." He turn around and started walking back up the alley, shouting behind to Sebastian to "Take care of her" Just as Josie realized his dirty trick to not pay her, as a heavy blow fell on the back of her head, with her head swimming with emotions she blacked out. Josie laid there in the cold London alley, with the rain picking up, unconscious in her underwear, with c** on her face, and oozing out of her p****.

Dec 3, 2020

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  • You're terrifying. The end was disgusting. But I guess abused women is what turns sickos on...

  • Wicked...I like!!

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