Im 18

Im 18 and i still haven't had my first kiss does this mean im not attractive and ugly?

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  • You're probably not social enough. But who cares, humanity is a waste.

  • No, it just means you haven't found the right person to kiss yet. You will and it will be worth it. Kissing someone you care about is an incredible experience.

  • God bless you are wonderful i am sure.

  • I know plenty of people who havent had their first kiss at your age and even older, h*** I know one attractive girl that is 23 right now, has never had a boyfriend and to my knowledge shes never kissed either (dont know for a fact but if I ask her Im sure she would say she hasnt) The fact that you havent kissed anybody has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with your attractiveness, but with the circumstances around you, your behavior, people around you, and so on. I dont know how or where you live so I dont have an answer as to WHY you havent had your first kiss by this age, I just came to say for a fact that it doesnt have anything to do with your appearance, good luck!

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