Stepdaughter's starting to lie

This happened in November last year 2015, my GF was working an my step daughter who is in her early teens (12) asked if she would be allowed to go to the shop, it was 8pm an the shop was around 10 minute walk no more, I let her go but decided to follow her giving her a few minutes head start.

Surprisingly enough, she had not made all that much progress she was wearing her black block strap heels (the 4inch ones) we brought her that month and black short skirt now this main road is know for working girls, prostitution. I followed her on the opposite site of the road walking slowly, a car drove passed a beeped their horn at her and tried to slow down but then processed to carry on.

she finally made it to the shop and i waited behind the low wall outside It was dark outside and cold she clearly what was happening inside she was in the queue with this one guy staring at her legs the shop keeper served her and served the guy behind her while talking to her, I saw my step daughter smiling and heading very slowly to the shop door while talking so I double timed it home no to be seen spying on her.

she came back at 9.15 I asked where she ha been she told me she was talking to the shop keeper and ran into a friend on way home. Not sure I buy the story but I kinda felt weir in a pleasured way no normal I know.

Next Confession

Satin ** 24/7

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