Am I the only one?

I have to confess.........I utterly hate -- HATE -- "The Walking Dead". I have no idea why that piece of garbage is on television, or how it gets such high ratings, or when zombies took over the culture (taking it away, apparently, from the vampires), or who votes on the Emmy awards to give this horrible dreck such recognition, or why there's a separate TV show just about this TV show. I stopped watching TWD soon after it began to air because it's just the same program week after week after week after week after week, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. To borrow from Andy in the Shawshank Redemption: "get busy livin' or get busy dyin'." I just wish they would choose one or the other. Basta!

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  • Never seen it (other than passing by the reruns), no interest in it, and think the whole zombie thing is beyond stupid. Dated a woman who didn't miss the show, and she'd talk about the "zombie apocolypse" and when they take over. Then and there, I knew..We have no future together. You're just to stupid.

  • The show pretty much lost me after the prison season. Too much of the same s*** over and over. Though I am interested in seeing the Cannibals season, lol.

  • Oh mercy what a stupid show. A stupid show, with stupid characters acting stupid. A stupid show written by stupid writers who write to troll the audience. Dreck. Garbage. Drivel. Beneath me.

  • Dumb b**** zombies rule. When it happens you would not know how to survive because you did not watch that episode. Give it a fucken chance and watch a couple episodes then you would know. Loke sucking d*** im sure you dont like it at first.

  • Let me name-call and force my opinion down an anonymous person's throat about a meaningless show that should've gone off the air three + seasons ago. Listen to me because you're a dumb b**** that doesn't like zombies and my opinion is the only one that matters. Get a life.

  • Ok sure, you have an opinion, everybody does, you dont have to hate

  • If we have to put up with stupid zombie shows and the window lickers who watch them, you have to put up with smarter people than you voicing an opinion about it. Suck it up.

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