Do I look like a myer corporate that can afford to give away ?

Working in events and ego people is frustrating, talk about take the money bag and run. windy came here at the last minute wanting bags of dresses and has not even told me if she has bothered to look for sponsors and retail companies for the fashion parade. she honestly has the hide of jessy the elephant expecting me to give her $1000-$5000 dollars worth of dresses and not have a say in how they are pesented and she has not even tried to get other companies. she just wants my clothes and goodbye and too bad for me. why should i give her things she might give to some girl who will benefit and marry or get a job over me when my needs have not been met that way. she has a gaul expecting me to get all these fashion dresses and I asked her on the day I met her, have you got any clothing or companies to back you yet, and I thought surely you are not going to the gaul to just expect me only to sponsor this as a pensioner for f**** sake what am I? I am the best charity case I know so I will look after my own needs first. she never rings or emails back, the last text I got, models are pulling out at last minute and need to talk to models mothers and I thought it was going to be middle aged models, the message 2 weeks ago was "hold off we might not go ahead now", she did not want me sourcing companies she just wants my dresses and run and I won't let her. I told mum and dad and rmay "don't let her take the clothing" and they would need to be washed incase of clothing lice and bacteria in plastic bags all this time before wearing. she could get vouchers from companies with big names at DFO duty free and they are richer then me. dumb s***. she is really trying to pull a pity game and I am not buying in. mum said tell her you said it might be cancelled so I put my time to something else and will be busy now. too bad.

May 19, 2016

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