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Me and my best friend are having s** with my sisters boyfriend i know its wrong but we like to much. my sister is quite a bit older than me she is 22 and her boyfriend is a few years older than her, im 14 and my best friend is nearly 15 but we both look older as he told us. its been going on for a a couple of months now it started when he took us back home one night and told us we both had really nice legs we both had our short summer dresses on he kept saying nice stuff to us and asked who had the longest but we didnt know. he then stopped and asked would it be ok if he decided who had the longest legs we were a bit shocked but quessed it would be ok just this time. so he sat between us and got us to lie back a bit and sort of stretch and part our legs a bit, he started to stroke our legs going down to our ankles and up to the bottom of our dresses, i looked at my friend and i could see she liked it i know it made me feel nice he kept going down our legs and up a bit higher each time it wasnt long before his hands were under our dresses then i felt his fingers against my knickers.
we just sat there and let him touch us, we both said later that we didnt want to look stupid if we told him to stop, after a bit more stroking we pushed our knickers to one side and pushed a finger into us a bit, that was the first time i found out what it meant when girls talk about getting wet. he carried on for a few more minutes then said we better get you girls home smilled at us and told us we both had the best legs ever.
so much as gone on since and at times i feel so guilty as my sister, mum and dad would be furious with me if they found out, but if i say to my friend we should stop she keeps reminding me of all the fun we have with him, and she is kind of right as i reallly do like it but its not her sister is it. just writing a bit about it makes me realise i think this is wrong but just dont know what to do

Jul 8, 2010

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  • You and your friend are being abused!!!

    Please stop and tell your parents or someone you trust.

    This man should be in prison.
    Surely you do not want your sister to marry this animal.

  • Thanks for your advice, you have helped a lot but its so complicated he has on our own and together but wants us to do more stuff each time. he even wanted to do it in my bum i said no but my m8 let him now i think she is his favourite and im jealous. he says next time we have 2 kneal in front of him with our mouths open so he can c** in them, i dont think there should be a next time but i know my m8 will do anything just got 2 stop this real soon

  • It's good that you know this is wrong, he is taking advantage of you. And I think you should ignore what your friends says, you need to stop this ASAP and if she doesn't want to you need to be strong enough to walk away even if she doesn't. Think of your sister, and your family and all the problems this would cause if anyone ever found out what he's been doing. You should also tell the police or any trusted authority figure, but I understand you probably won't want to. Just get out.

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