My stepson is an idiot

He’s 15 and I can’t stand him anymore. I used to try and spend time with him and do nice things but he has turned into a stupid little entitled brat! I try to enforce rules and consequences but his slack ass father let’s him do whatever the h*** he wants so of course he has no respect for me. I’ve stopped doing most things around the house and won’t even talk to him besides saying hello in passing. His father and I get along fabulously when he isn’t around and I can’t wait until he moves out of my house. I only hope he doesn’t become one of those pieces of s*** who never leaves their parents house because they’re too lazy to have any goals or ambitions for themselves.

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  • This confession and all the comments below me are further proof that education and licensing ought to be mandatory before having kids. It's supposedly "the most important job in the world" but literally anybody can do it, well more like "make a stupid steaming mess of it."

    Even if you think your brats are angels, there's plenty of evidence in the world that most kids raised by morons and/or "gentle parenting" are wastes of DNA needing a smack to the ass, or if they've made it to adulthood, a bullet to the brain. Go ahead and call me names and s***, there is no denying the reality.

  • I know this page is about stepkids. The little retards had to be born first though, didn't they? No kids, no possibility of becoming a stepparent. Duh.

  • I can tell you my lazy & crazy sd18 moved out, told everyone she knows how I treated her so she could have this exciting life.
    Do what I did.
    Create am email account you can post to in secret & created a time line & journal.
    I have 5 yrs of evidence what she was actually doing that made me cut her off once she graduated high school.
    Be sure to answer who was involved, what happened, when as to the time of day, where as in school or home or friends or event, how it effected you or other family or people in her circle.
    When she got a job at our local store I showed people she was a habitual liar.
    The grandparents now know they can't lie on my parenting.
    I can focus on my wife & kid without drama anymore.
    Plus once my wife remembered how much ignorance she brought to my life we got better and a family vs walk on egg shells in her presence.

  • YES! The I relate to all of this, but the "egg-shell" observation is especially poignant and perfect.

  • Same same SAME for me with my stepdaughter. She's been a horror since she's eight and now she's fourteen. Those six years with her in the house have seemed like sixty years of h***. My greatest fear -- likely to become realized -- is that she gets knocked up (I made her father put her on the pill but she "forgets", haha b****) and then not only do I get her but her baby for the rest of my life. I should never have married her father, knowing that he can't or won't control her, and that her mother doesn't care enough to even try. Maybe if she does get knocked up the lucky baby daddy will take her and the baby away (every man she dates is old enough to be her father or at least to have a job) and I'll never see this POS again. You have my sympathies. Best of luck.

  • Can totally relate. My girl friends kids are f****** lazy incompetent turds. at 19 and 21 they still do week with each parent. They don't cook or wash clothes or wash up. They leave and the place looks like a s*** bomb exploded. My girlfriend then spends the week washing their clothes and cleaning the kitchen and then tey are back to f*** it all up again

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