Naked with my Aunt

So I am in my 40's and have always been comfortable naked.
This confession is about my aunt. She always asked me to cut her grass when she went away on vacation. She lives alone and never married. Her physical description is 5'6' longer hair average build, and she has rather huge T***.
So as she requested me to cut her grass I was glad to because her property was outside the city and had great privacy, even though there was a few neighbours that could possibly see me I did my best to make sure to not get caught.
Well after a few years of do this I was getting more and more brave. I would even cut the front yard naked. There was house across the country road but at a distance so I felt like taking the risk.
I enjoyed it so much I wanted to cut her grass even if she was not on vacation. I would tell if she wanted I would gladly cut it all the time. I always made sure she was out at work or not going to be home. Well I was getting more and more brave about being comfortable naked and so I figured I would tell her all about my naked grass cutting.

I came over one day to cut the grass and she was home so it seemed if I was to do it naked I better confess to her and she what the reaction would be.

I started by saying that I had to tell her something that may upset her. I said directly that I was cutting her grass with just a thong on and I was sure a neighbour may have seen me and I wanted her to hear it from me first before a neighbour told her. She was completely ok with it and said not to worry. I was so relieved that she had a good reaction.

I then went to start cutting the grass and she stopped me and said if I wanted to strip down to my thong it was ok with her, but to wear shorts when out front. I asked her are you sure and she said go ahead. So I immediately stripped of my shorts and cut the grass. I was so happy that she was ok with it, but I was still not telling the truth. I only was cutting the grass for about 10min and I stopped. I walked over to where she was and she looked up and I said. "I must be honest and tell you that I actually don't wear the thong but that I cut your grass naked."
She shrugged her shoulders and smiled. She then said hey if you are comfortable naked then go ahead be naked. So I took off the thong and continued cutting the grass. As I was cutting she was out on her porch watering flowers and stuff. A few times my c*** became semi hard and it was a bit awkward. I finished cutting the grass and man was it hot out. I took my towel and dried my chest and forehead of sweat. My aunt came over said would I like a drink of water. She went back into the house as she did I sat back on the patio chairs and relaxed.
We both sat back and relaxed and I was still completely naked. The conversation was normal small talk, but so,me questions she asked were about the nakedness and how I became to like it.
I was oblivious to the fact that in someway I was becoming so relaxed and comfortable that my c*** became hard. I was sitting directly across form my aunt and just as I noticed my c*** was hard I caught it with the inside of my upper leg and saved it from projecting upward.
Well I was still talking with my aunt and my c*** was staying rock hard. I was sure she hadn't noticed at all and I was so nervous which seemed silly since I had being just naked cutting her grass. About 5min passed and I forgot my c*** was being held in place by my upper leg because I shifted my position and my c*** flipped up like a flag pole and then landed on my stomach.
I was so embarrassed and as it was flipping up I stopped talking and stared directly at my c***. Once it landed on my stomach I looked over at my aunt and she was watching the entire time also. She said I bet that feels better. I apologized and was holding my hand over part of my c***. She explained it was completely natural and no problem.
I said ok are you sure cause I can put my shorts back on. She insisted it was ok, so I took my hand off my c*** and well we continued to chat. The entire time my c*** was shard from about another 30min.
Eventually as we chatted she said why don't I stay for a BBQ. I stayed naked the rest of the afternoon and several times my c*** grew rock hard.
Its been years since that day. Many times I have been naked over at my aunts house. After a few times I was curious if she was watching my c*** when it grew hard, so when it was growing I would watch her eyes and yep she was looking at my c*** as it grew. So after a few times I was wanting to make it open and not a secret that I knew she was watching my c*** grow hard.
So I was over one day and I felt the my c*** getting hard, and she was right there so I stopped talking stood up across from her. She was a bit shocked but I as I stood there and my c*** grew rock hard she smiled

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  • That's forbidden in religion man.stop doing this.thats bad and leads to terrible things.fear GOD šŸŒ·

  • That's forbidden in religion.dont do this will be punished

  • I'm sorry to the previous comment, what do you mean "what crap"??? Are you jealous that you can' be as open as he is?? I happen know this story is true because he told me about it several times. I think he is brave that he is opening up to his Aunt about being naked and feeling good about himself!

  • What crap

  • Jealous much???

  • Lol...really?

  • Loved the story . . . wish it had been me cutting the grass . .etc . . .

  • Why you?

  • Kid's nno

  • $2.95 reexpressed

  • Lol

  • F***

  • Well I was thinking I should update the recent confession.

    So I still have my aunt come over to m y place and have a BBQ, and of course I just walk around naked. She watches my c*** grow each time it gets hard. I am about to have the nerve to be straight forward with her. I always make mention of my c*** as it grows hard. I so want to ask her to touch it...but not sure???

  • His aunt is a idiot. It's obvious her nephew stays aroused in her presence, yet she offers no assistance like sucking his manhood to help relieve his stress. Dude needs to remind her of her womanly duties. What a pip. Dude needs to employ some aggressively persuasive conduct on his aunt.

  • Well if your c*** grew hard in front of her did you get her to touch it?

  • She never did touch it but she has always made sure to be around if I come over to be naked. She definitely watches my c*** grow cause when I feel it growing hard I make sure to be in view of her. I make comments as it grows, like how great it feels. She stares at my c*** as it flips up rock hard. I have grabbed a hold of my c*** and lightly stroked it once it hard and watches. But I only stroke it a few times then let it go.

    I enjoy the feeling that comes from having it grow from soft to hard. So I leave my c*** alone and eventually it drops and hangs. But then something triggers it to grow hard and I get to enjoy that awesome feeling and also be an exhibitionist with my Aunt.

  • Wow your Aunt is lucky.

  • Do you think I should get her to touch my c***?

  • Yes

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