Charities must think I am rich and I'm NOT!

I get all these charities sending me things and its embarrassing I can not give to all of them, they are great causes and I can't give as much as I wish. down the track I might. I do give from time to time but can't give all the time. I ama a poor pensioner and what do these charities do when I need their help? I had stroke what did the group do for me?

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  • No, they don't think you're rich. Here's what happened. You gave some money to one of them a while ago, and that one sold your name and address -- along with a few hundred others -- to another charity. Or maybe a dozen other charities. You became a prospect. And all of them sent you a solicitation to contribute. Perhaps you also gave to one of those, but perhaps not. Either way, those dozen charities also sold your name and address -- along with a few thousand others -- to another charity or charities. You see how this escalates. The increase isn't mathematical: it's exponential. Charities are utterly shameless. We think they're all noble and high-minded, but most of them are just whores for the money. My recommendation is to only give to those organizations who expressly say in their mailouts that "we won't sell your contact information to anyone else". That doesn't necessarily mean they won't give it out (an "exchange" or "trade" of info isn't a "sale"), but maybe that will limit the uncontrolled distribution of your info and cut down on the worthless paper that arrives in your mail. Good luck.

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