We swinged

Hey all,

Let me start by introducing ourselves and tell you our story. I hope to receive some feedback from others here. All i said here is true, 100%!

We are a couple together for almost 3 years. We are now 29 (Me) and my gf 21. I met her when we where 18 and she is a fantastic woman both in and out. She matured next to me and we have lived together for over 2 years.
We get along great and are very open with each other. Last year we started talking about swinging, she has only been with one man before and i have told her that i have been with many women (over 20). This of course opened her up in her interests in having a threesome. She is a bit jealous about having full on swinging but that is something that i am also not overly interested in.
For the last year we fantasized about it, this friday we went out and she mentioned the local swing club, she was a bit tipsy and so was i.
One short time later we saw each other entering through the doors of such a place. I have been to a upscale sauna club before and it reminded me closely of that.
We started making out and guys started groping her. In the end she started making out with a woman in her late 30s who was there with her husband and her lover. We took a room and started playing around. She was super open and it was something i was surprised. She did not hesitate to go down on the guys and since i was with the girl i made out with her. It was all very sexual and really unbelievable. I ended up having briefly s** with the girl while she with the guys. They had problems with erections and finished fairly quickly. I carefully watched them and they where very nice and gentle with her, they never even went close to her without a condom. She took a liking in the woman's lover, a man in his late 20s that was virtually all muscle and a very large member. I nor she was that attracted in the older couple .

We ended up taking the guy with us. It was amazing how well we got along. On the way i found out he was a phd student and a really smart guy. We talked for a while and at home fooled around a bit, he was really attracted by my gf which not only looks great due to her age, but is also a very beautiful woman both in and out.
He again was very careful and did not have any intercourse without condoms.
It quickly got to be morning and we went to sleep. Him in the living room, us in the bedroom. At this point she told me how jealous she was that i did it with the girl. I explained to her that i was simply bored of just sitting there and that it did not mean anything to me. She reminded me that i promised not to do it (something i later remembered doing). I reassured her and she asked me how i felt. I told her that it was my biggest fetish/sexual dream ever and that it was amazing. Seeing her having that much fun turned me on, and i did not have any problems with it as long as we respect the boundaries of s** being s**.
In order to make her feel better i sent her to him, told her to seduce him if she wants and that i will settle watching through the door. She went and they started making out. Hearing them kiss turned the h*** out of me. It was great to see her that outgoing, i was pleasently surprised.

This lasted around 15 minutes or so until i heard her moaning and him moving back and forth. When i got to the couch i saw that he was inside her sans condom. I was a bit surprised and of course also worried. He was big and she made no secret of it. We have great s** too but i never saw her like that. They had s** until i passed out because i was tired.

The next day he left and i was still hard most of the morning. It turned me on! We talked about condom use and explained to her the dangers. She talked about her jealousy . I explained to her that maybe it is an age thing, but she has nothing to be jealous of. Clearly it was something to do with age and her insecurities i guess. I did say i won't but in the middle of the fact i did not see it a problem.

We had great s** since (on average 4 times a day since) The sensory overload we received on that day is probably gonna last us over a week. We are meeting him in 2 weeks and am looking forward to it. She is extatic! I am ok with it and i know what i feel for her. She is natural and told me that she couldn't believe that we could do that. This was the third guy she was with, she truly enjoyed it and i hope we can continue without hurting each other.

Sorry for the long ass post, felt like sharing everything. Can you guys give me a bit of pointers or advice on what to look after? What did we do wrong? What are the dangers?

At this point i feel liberated. Finally i have a partner i can do these dark things with. Sexually i do not see myself ever cheating on her, there is absolutely no point. The same i think goes for her. The freedom this has given to our rela

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  • As a swinger myself, I can say it is unusual to see swingers as young as you two because there is often too much insecurity and uncertainty about your relationships to do it without problems. As long as you both are completely honest about what you're doing and feeling, you should be fine but the problems occur when one or both of you decide to venture out in your own as if swinging is just another word for seeing people on the side.

  • Looks like she wants to get some d*** without him getting any sounds selfish to me my son had an agreement with his wife she could have s** with anyone she wanted but he couldn't she left him 4 months ago for a boyfriend

  • My girlfriend and I swing also. She is younger than I am. So I definitely want her to have fun and experience different things. But her and I have no jealousy issues at all. That is why it works for us. S** with others is just s**. So my number one advice is get to having no jealousy at all when it comes to s** with others.

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