Helped nephew

My nephew is always sweet to me and never heard him say anything dirty,over the months he's been coming round more saying nice things to me,this time i seen him looking at my butt and asked what he was looking at,when he surprised me by saying your ass i would f*** it and put he's hand on my butt and said im not joking,over the days it was more of the same i liked it made me feel good about myself,I noticed he looked in pain and asked him he told me his b**** hurts,i asked if he was ok in showing me and i could check when he pulled down his jeans he got hard, knew he would being 16 most do in asking i found out he would j*** off and stop before he would c**,all he had was blue b**** lol,told him to take a seat i got something that will help got some baby oil,poured some on his b****** and started to j*** him of pulling his foreskin right back,on the 6th time i pulled back i kept it like it and watched as shots of s**** being drained from his b****,he still tells me he wants to f*** me but that might be going to far.

Feb 6, 2020

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  • My aunt jerked me off,I had to stay with her while my mother had a short stay in hospital,I was about 14 and masturbating 3/4 times a day as most boys that age,I always fantasized about my aunt as I jerked off,I went into bathroom and found a pair of her panties ,I took them into my bedroom and jerked off sniffing all her stains and c** over them.i got up and went to school forgetting to put panties in laundry aunt must have made my bed and found them,when I come back after school I went to look for panties and knew she had found them .she talked to me later and told me she had found them,she said do you m********* with them sniffing them like most boys do,I said yes and I was sorry,she said don't worry you've got to relieve youselve or you'll have wet dreams,she said do you m********* often,I said 2/3 times a day,she said it's quite normal,she said since her husband had left her she masturbates quite a lot as well,she said if I wanted to come into her bedroom at night,I went in there and we masturbated together she had gorgeous body big heavy b****** and very hairy p****, if I had stayed there longer I would have f***** her.

  • Wish I was him how lucky to have you to help

  • Jack him off whenever he wants. Time will come when you will feel the urge to f*** him. At that time teach him the joy of s**. Till then made him wait ...

  • How old is your nephew?

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