Physical Therapy

I hurt my back about a year ago. I went to the Dr. who refered me to phys thrpy. I went to the therapy, and thats where my story begins. My injury was to my lower back. On my first day they did some stretches and massage on my low back and tugged at my jeans to get access to my upper buttock. I have to admit it gave me flutters feeling someone pull at my pants like that...being a straight guy. The next time I went it was about the same but this time I scooted my midsection up so they could pull easier. I went to a couple more sessions making it obvious vocally how it felt to me as they rubbed. I consulted a friend,somewhat embarassedly, about this and how it felt when they pulled at my jeans. She being a forward person asked if I liked it and did it make a difference if it was male or female doing it. I admitted that I did like it and that it aroused me no matter the gender. She suggested I wear sweats next time, easier to pull down.I did and was both embarrassed and excited by what happened.When the tugged my sweats down they went to the bottom of my butt completely exposeing me.When I got up I know he could see my arrousal.I left and told my friend what happened.She asked if I liked it.I explained that it was obvious when I left that I liked it.The next time I went was the same but he massaged lower,edging into my crack with his fingers.Im embarrassed to say I was more vocal than usual and did a little pushing back onto his fingers. As usual I told my friend and she asked if I were gonna let them go further.I said,I say no now but when im on my face with my butt exposed and they put that warm gel on my butt and rub,I dont know.The next time he and she were in the room and talking.He began with my stretches and the pulled my sweats down.As he drisseled the gel on my butt he let a fair amount go between my cheeks and be gan to rub.He was being rough and really working it in when I first felt a finger slide against my entrance.I twitched some and she touched my bottom and said,just relax.He rubbed a minute more and I felt the first gloved finger push inside me,I thought id come.When they knew I was going to take it I remember her saying,does that feel that what you want? I was moaning with my bottom perched upward and I knew I did want that.The hot gel and his fingers pushing inside me made me feel like their w**** but I didnt care.She asked if I like this.I said yessss....I was too ashamed to ever go back there again but I wonder now what would have happened if it would have gone further.Would I have let him f**k me...what if she had taken over my bottom,would i have opened my mouth for him? I find myself watching strapon videos now thinking how it would feel to have someone pump me.I am not at all into male gay movies or scenes,but that day I was open to anything.

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  • Should I go back or just leave a good memory alone?

  • I didn't go there with that intention.... nothing like that has ever happened to me before or since.... but I'm. not sorry it went the way it did... I just wish I could know what it could have turned out like... who knows what else may have happened.

  • If you want to go back, just go back. Obviously they didn't mind.

  • Ive thought about like them to do that to me again.But if I did they would know I liked it andd may go further.I dont know how that would be.But I loved feeling controled/forced...

  • You sir are a W****!!! XO

  • It was an erotic couple of weeks...I wish Id had the guts to go back.

  • That's pretty hot.....

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