Older Neighbor

I've been having s** with my older neighbor since I was 14. I am 22, he is 50. We've always had protected s** until Monday. He has been begging me for unprotected s** and I gave in. I'm worried he's trying to knock me up.

Jun 2, 2016

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  • He obviously loves you, and he seems to want you to mother his child or children. Have an in-depth discussion about it with him. Don't let any of this happen by accident. You both need to be on the same page and go forward together . . . or end it together.

  • In a similar story, I am a girl in my early 20's seeing a married man in his 50's as my stud too. The only difference is that I desire a child from him. We are enjoying each & every attempt!!

  • In the time it took your blathering on this forum, you should have budgeted your time more wisely by getting to your physician & getting on the Pill girl. Then you'll have some peace o' mind..

  • Blathering? I quite enjoyed the thought. Some of you people need to post your comments else. Welcome to the 2000's.

  • Yes blathering , like you Miss. Learn how to write sensibly.

  • Well, last I checked I was a mister. People like you who like to rub other people's noses in their dirty deeds need to go elsewhere.

  • Well last check found you to be a liar like just about everyone else. Get over yourself Miss.

  • Harsh words coming from the creepy guy who lives on his parents basement and doesn't work.

  • Always use a condom, more than pregnancy you should worry for STD's.

  • Don't be silly ; you type like you're in the v.d. 1960's. You're a stdophobic. De girl just needs to wake up to the 21st century & get reliably protected from insemination.

  • Why not get on birth control?

  • Tell me about it.

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