? I seduced my client during a photoshoot.

I'm a amateur photographer. By that I mean I have a high-end camera. During the summer of 2014, I was interning in DC, so I had brought the camera for sightseeing. I don't know much about photography beyond a few articles I read. I was 21, and the internship took place between my senior and junior year of university.

I saw her (initials KL) profile on OkC. I recognized her from my university, so I sent her a message and asked her whether we went to the same school. She said we did, and then I told her that I had seen her around a few times, but she didn't recognize me. She was in DC because she was starting law school at George Washington in fall 2014.

She was Asian, and she was about 5'5". This woman was basically a goddess, a solid 10/10.

I knew I would never have a chance with a woman like this. I'm a 5'7'' bony black guy, so women, even ugly women, ignore me. In addition, she said she had a boyfriend whom she had met on the site and was looking only for friends.

But, god, I wanted her. I had recently learned about Jedediah Johnson and how he seduced his subjects to make out with him. If it could work for a toad like him, surely it would work for me. So I commented on KL's photos, and she told me that she modeled as a hobby. I told her that I was an amateur photographer and asked whether we could do a photoshoot. She said she wasn't comfortable and that she does photoshoots only with people she trust. Not to be deterred, I invited her to platonically have coffee with me instead. She agreed. A few days later, we met up at the Starbucks near Washington Circle, but it was too crowded, so we sat outside. This woman had basically been carved from marble or something, so it was difficult to pay attention to the boring stuff she was saying. She was lately interested in guitar and jurisprudence and other boring stuff. She was wearing a black strapless sundress with a floral pattern. The top of the dress rested just above her b******, and the bottom was a hand's breadth above the knee. Her legs, shoulders, upper back, and upper chest were smooth and milky, like porcelain. I commented on her fashion and gradually steered the conversation toward photography. She was laughing at most of my jokes and seemed comfortable, so I told her that I had brought my camera because I intended to go sightseeing afterward. I asked her whether we could take some pictures. She said okay, but she asked whether we could do so inside since she was tired of the heat or something. George Washington University was across the street, so we decided to find an empty room for a school-themes shoot.

She used her student card to gain access into one of the building, and we went into an empty classroom. She said she wanted to fix her makeup first, so left the room and came back about ten minutes later. She looked kinda the same since there's no way to improve perfection. I asked her to do some poses, and she added her own flair to them. God... Her legs and shoulders were incredible... I wanted her, and I knew I had to make a move. I asked her whether her father was some Italian Renaissance Man or something, and she chuckled. I told her to close her eyes for a few of the shoots. When she seemed relaxed, I quietly set my camera onto a table and carefully walked up to her. She neither saw nor heard me.

I quickly reached out, grabbed both sides of her head, and firmly pressed my lips against hers, all in one deft motion. She angrily let out, "Mm!" as she reflexively tried to push me away. She grabbed my wrists and tried to separate my hands from her head, but to no avail. She did manage to break our lip lock just long enough to exclaim, "Get off me!" but I just pressed my lips against her again. I started sucking on her lips a little, and as I did so, she struggled less. She let out another "Mm", but this time is was sorta like "oh, f*** it." She wrapped her arms around me, just underneath my arms. I said, "Mmm..." I placed my left hand on her lower back, and with my tight hand, I grasped the back of her neck. I was so hard, as our lips our faces rhythmically pressed against each other's. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and probed around a little. Her greeted mine by making circular movement around it. She tastes so good; I could taste the coffee on her breath. I rubbed her upper back to feel her soft skin. We continued in this way for several minutes, licking and sucking one another's faces. She grabbed my head and pulled me in as deeply as she could. I could taste her ever more, and my tongue probably made it to the back her throat. That did it. I pushed her against a wall and began hunting her. I came almost immediately. I buried my my face in the hallow of her neck as I was running my underwear.

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  • You are a real scumbag. You know models need pictures to succeed in that business. She trusted you against her better judgment and you took advantage of her in the worst way. I'm a model too and if you tried that with me, I would chop your smelly n***** d*** off with the first sharp object I could find.

  • Sucks to be you.

  • A lot of my hot bartender friends fall for this..Not blaming you, h***, I'd do it, too.. Anyway, lot of hot, younger women out there, with modeling aspirations, who fall for the "we need to do a shoot and get you out there" from guys like you.. They do the shoots, typically naked or nearly-naked, and never hear from the so-called photographer again..Or if they do, it's "the agency wants more". And it's usually just a creeper guy with a halfway decent camera, on the hunt for hot women to trick and bang...

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