Flashing truckers

I must admit. I like my wife to flash truckers... We gave done this many times on I-40 hyway.. The latest was about 3 weeks ago. We went to a Denny's by Grants NM. My wife was wearing a flimsy semi see thru shirt white skirt with no panties. Her top was a sheer lace tank top with no bra. It was hot. After dinner she wanted to go for a drive. As we left the parking lot shot got naked and knelt in the seat with her ass pointed at her window and began to give me a bj. In a minnut we pulled up beside a trucker and he looked over and seen her open puss . I asked her to put her right foot kn the dash which opened her legs wide. The trucker kept beside us and was looking into the pinkness if her open puss.. He gave me the thumbs up.. It was so exciting .. This is always a great turn on..

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  • Yes I would do that to my wife on long trips. She always wears dresses so I start playing with her while I am driving. She closes her eyes and when I get next to a truck I pull her dress up and finger her while the trucker is watching. She keeps her eyes closed while I tease her about a trucker watching her getting fingered and I think he is masturbating as I push her legs wider apart. She has some of the strongest climaxes of her life during those episodes.....

  • Once, my virgin fiancée and I were stuck in traffic on a short road trip, so she decided to spice things up by crawling into the back, take off all of her clothes, layback back in the seat to let truckers see everything, and began masturbating her virgin p****.

    She didn’t stop when traffic came to a standstill and while we were beside a trucker. He rolled down his window to say something to her, so I rolled her side down, so we could hear it. He told us where we could meet up with him, if we were interested in him f****** her. She responded by telling him that she’s still a virgin and planning to remain one, until marriage, but that he can still watch her m*********.

    She shifted around and put her ass up to him, while rubbing her c***. Both his and her window was open, and we could hear him make dirty comments about her.

    She sped up her rubbing, shifted her position to lying down horizontally, so he could see her p****, and started to c**. Hard. She furiously began to rub her c***, squirm and contort, and yell and moan loud enough for him to hear.

  • My wife will wear a blouse that buttons up and a short skirt. We drive down the interstate and she lays back with he blouse open showing her fantastic t*** and when she knows the trucker is looking at her she will pull her skirt up and rub her p****.

  • For starters, my wife never wears panties, no matter how short her skirt is or what season it is. She says likk rd always being available and often take adv vantage of her availability, if only just for a grab or to see how wet she is.

    We have flashed a few truckers, but she feels she has to make it appear accidental. Like shges sleeping and I'm playing with her. She keeps getting bolder and suspect she will be even more adventurous soon. She's always flashing me while shopping or where ever the urge moves her .

  • My wife and I have also drove slow thru truck stops . We would go by all the parked trucks looking for one with a trucker in it. She would bend over and flash her naked a.. And puss.. They loved it. Then I would park where they could see but far enough away my wife felt safe and bang her doggystyle...

  • Me and my ex-wife use to do that all the time. I would finger her and she would blow me while we would drive beside truckers and she would have wonderful o****** while being watched. I would c** in her mouth and then we would slow down and let the truck drive go..It is a rush to have someone watch while you f***..

  • We were in England for three years and I (wife) found that "D******" was popular there. One day I decided to watch it and I found it to be so hot I decided to try it. I word a loose fitting dress with no undies and drove to the park and sat with my dress up showing my harry m***. Soon there was a young man who came over and started feeling me up. I gave him head and left. I was soon doing it at least once a week. It was so hot.

  • My wife hasn't flashed truckers but she does walk through the living room completely naked on her way to or from the shower

  • Why wouldn't she?

  • QOW, that is really hot, whose wife does that?

  • Mine has, many times.. it is a real turn on to see her naked and watching a trucker stare at her exposed p****

  • I love exposing my virgin fiancée’s p**** to truckers.

  • My wife used to love flashing her 36DDD t*** to truckers. Now she will show some "brown out" but not her full t***....Damn, I really like it when she shows her t***. ray.jones@tutanota.com

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