Wife shows all

My wife loves to please me. She will do almost anything I ask to satisfy my sexual desires. Many times she has been naked in the front seat of the car while I was driving and was giving me a b*******. She has laid naked on the front seat with her legs spread wide with her puss pointing at her window as we drove by truckers. This always drives truckers crazy.. I must admit there is one fantasy that I really want. That is to see a trucker at a truck stop fill her pu.. with his big hard di.. this almost happened at the refinery truck stop at Jamestown New Mexico..! Maybe someday..!

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  • My wife's gorgeous and when she's had too much to drink she loves flirting. Flashing her sexy lace panties is quite the show as cute as she is. We go out occasionally with a group of way older couples and her pr*ck teasing went a little too far and one of the guys took it.
    She was confused about what happened being as drunk as she was but he is substantially larger than me and she was stretched out a bit. He did her barebck and shot a couple of loads of c*m in her young p***y.

  • Can wear see her? Rayalexman@gmail.com

  • Let me see her. Randddom722@gmail.com

  • You are throwing you wife away for some stupid reason. I'm guessing you haven't thought this through, sooner or later she is going to find someone who will f*** her to death and she will love him for it. Then where will you be ? I can tell you where you will be, on the outside looking in. If you are lucky she will let you sleep on the sofa in in your car. Good luck.

  • I don't drive anymore, but know where that truckstop is.

  • Don't go there. Cuckolding destroyed many marriages. Rather make various s** videos, fetish videos with her and upload them to p*** sites.

  • Not true. Me and my husband have a vixen stag relationship. It's similar to cuckolding only my husband doesn't get humiliated like a typical cuckold relationship. I have a regular bull who comes over only when invited. I have zero emotional attachment to this guy. He is nothing more than a human d****. I've had several different bulls over the years and I have never lost my love for my husband.

  • If y’all want to f*** other people then why get / stay married? What do you have that’s special for your husband that other men can’t get?
    Our bodies belong to our spouse after marriage. “Forsake all others” is in the wedding vows. I just don’t get it

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