Mist the school bus

A couple months ago I miss the school bus . So I was walking to school win one to the hi school kids was driving by . He stopped and asked my if I needed a ride . I had a crush on him for a while now so I got in the car . He put his hand on my leg and rubbed my leg . Thin he told me that I was sexy . Thin he kissed me . He drove a little more thin went down a back and stopped in a abandoned drive way . By this point his hand on my leg was in my puss . And he was kissing me . I removed my shirt and bra . Thin I removed my underwear and flipped up my skirt . He got on top of me . There was a sharp pane and he was in me . It was so big it feels so good . Keep going harder and harder . I was loving it win I asked so u like 13 y old puss and he replied with just yours . Thin I feel him unloading deep in me . I felt so good I didn't want it to stop . He looked in to my eyes for a bit I could feel his d*** still throbbing in me he kissed me and went for round two . After he dropped me off at school . As I walked to class I could feel wet running down my legs . After that day I have be riding with him . We do it on the way to and from school . Our schools r closed right now . So as soon as my mom leaves for work he stops by he f***** me in every room even mommy bed



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  • Yawn, same s*** posted over and over by a 40 yr old loser virgin with a 2" d***

  • Is bigger than yours

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