He basically gave her to me.

My friend and I were hanging out smoking and drinking one night, His GF showed up and joined in, We were just kicking back and talking when he said something about squirting, I said "Whats that" and she said "Female e**********", I told them it was a set up from p*** movies and she said "Oh no it isn't". I looked at her and said "Oh?", She just flat out told me she squirts almost every time, I called BS and she said "Scouts honor", I kept telling her i didn't believe her and my friend said "Come her and we'll show him", She said "Yeah right" and i said "Oh come on, Prove it's real", she said "I'll prove it's real...On your face".
Both me and my friend looked at each other and then at her and she laughed saying "F*** off", My friend said "One and only chance, You want to finish that way and i aint doin it", Said "What?" and he said "F*** no", I said "I will", she looked at me and said "For real?", I said "Yeah", she looked at her boyfriend and he just waved his hands at her, She looked at me and shrugged saying "F***, I'll do it". She jumped up and ran to the bathroom, Grabbed a big towel and laid it on the floor, I said "What's that for" she said "Lay down and put your head on it".
I did and she grabbed the waist of her sweat pants, Looked at him and said "Speak", He laughed and said "Go for it", and with that she dropped her sweats, she stepped on leg on each side of my head as I looked right up at her puss, Becks is cute, Nothin super special but everything is just...Nice, small soft t***, Short cute legs, round little ass and a bald little puss. She got on her knees and hands on top of me then shuffled her ass over my face, she reached back with one hand and started rubbing her puss right over my face, My friend got on his knees beside us and said "You have no idea what your in for" but all i could think of was becks naked on top of me.
He told me to reach up her shirt and pinch her nips so I did and she stopped sat up sitting her ass right on my forehead and laughed as she took off her shirt and bra, She got back on all fours and then she undid my pants with one hand and my friend grabbed them pulling them down, becks stopped and said "Jeremy", I guess she liked what she saw so i rolled back and forth flopping it from side to side. Becks was rubbing and fingering and my friend was coaching her, He told her "come on baby, Show him. Come on, You can do it. Faster, deeper, Harder" and then he came back by my head, He started slapping her ass a little then spit on her ass and started rubbing her ass.
Becks was getting super wet and i could see and hear how wet she was, My friend turned around and told becks "suck his d***", She just said "No", He grabbed her by the throat and said "suck his d***", She said "No" and then he slapped her but not real hard and said "do you want it harder", She said "No" and he said then put the f***** d*** in your mouth", becks grabbed it with one hand and started sucking it then he came back to me and said "Now sit", She was still rubbing herself and mumbled "Uh Uh" as in "No" and he put his hand on her ass shoving it down onto my face, I grabbed her hips and went to town licking her puss.
She only lasted a minute or so and sat up pretty much sitting right down on my face, I shoved my tongue in her butt and she started grunting like a dog in heat and started to c**, I think I almost drowned as she sat right on y face, My tongue in her butt and she was drenching my face, Chest and the towel, That s*** was running out of her, flooded the towel and the floor and she laid down on the floor shaking, My friend got on his knees beside her face jerking off so I decided why not and got on the other side, We both jerked off and came on her face and t*** and then he told us to go shower.
Becks said "Together?" and he said "Well, Unless you are gonna sit around with c** on your face until he is done because I am sure he isn't gonna wait for you to go first.
We went and showered and while we were in the shower she said "F*** me quick before he comes in" so I did and now she keeps texting me.

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  • Does she have dark hair and massive t*** and a giant round ass?

  • This is fake,coz every guy in the world knows what squiritng is!!!!!!
    Am I right?!

  • I have had 4 women that were squirters. The gjrls in the movies are fake, it doesn't shoot like a hose, but 2 of my x would squirt like it was pee coming out. ( nobody tell me it was. It was not pee) One day we try to capture all of it and it was over 8 ounces.
    Also it is very very slippy , more than lube. Also very hot.
    It really is most amazing thing to f*** here as she squirts.
    I current Fiance loves her G spot hit, and produces a lot of p**** juice but not really squirt

  • It can squirt like the p*** films you have to work on it!

  • That is true bec life would love to see it on video as well for her being such a b**** to so many people.

  • Bec is a fat b****. we all she bashed people and goes around spreading lies and goes through peoples bags and slams them down for no reason and what a jealous b**** she is, no wonder she squirts so much full of p*** and wind.

  • Mmmm becks' windy bum bum!

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