My first bbc

One night after work and feeling h**** I went to an upscale hotel lounge. I had changed clothes and was wearing a short tight skirt, heels, low cut top, no bra,
I am white, blonde, 38D. As I was sitting at a table this attractive well dressed black man came to my table and asked to join me(must of thought I was a h*****)
We had a few drinks,small talk and he asked if I would join him for dinner sure I said. More small talk, he then invited me up to his suite to watch tv and some wine. By now the drinks lowered my resistance and I said yes.
Got some glances from some as we walked thru the lobby to the elevator, who cared, once in his room we sat on a sofa and he put his arm around me and pulled close and kissed me deep and warm. He began to slowly touch my b****** and my nipples got hard. He placed my hand on his c*** I slowly rubbed it, I had to see it soon.
He had me stand up and he got behind me and began playing with my ass and my b******, I could feel his rock h****** my ass. He slowly lifted my top off and slid my skirt down and my panties. He picked me up and placed me on the bed and took his clothes off, I saw his bbc and was shocked at the size it was the largest around I had ever seen. He pulled my head towards it I took all I could in my mouth. He pulled it out and said I don't want to come in your talented mouth.

He laid me down. spread my legs and inserted this bbc into my wet puss, he screwed every way possible for close to an hour, I came several times as was getting tired. He was not finished he rolled me over, spread my ass checks and inserted slowly into my ass and pumped till he shot his c** up my ass.
We rested and I had to leave we exchanged numbers as I wanted more of him. We did get together several times and hotels. Then one time I went to meet him, dressed k*** he wanted me to, there 2 blacks beside him in the room. He said do them I have to leave I was shocked but was a little afraid not to do as he said. So I had a 3some with them, all good.
That is when I found out he was a p***!!! He said I now was his blonde white w**** and I had to make 1500.00 a week for him or my job and family would find out.
He treats me real good and I can say yes or no to a date, I can say I enjoy doing this for him. The money I get is very helpful


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  • Update. I am still with Jamal and Antwon. Having the best s** of my life. They no longer p*** out as a w****. Just use me as their private stock. I love how they s** me one of them will call me to meet him and if possible I go to the motel

  • So you couldn’t dress up for a white man? What pitty

  • I was dressed for any man!! He was more of a gentleman than the whites, besides I wanted to try a black.

  • I am also white and my husband loves when I suck big black d****.

  • Many times she has done big black d++++, now. She makes me money

  • This is why white women need to stay white, blacks have no respect for white women and only see them as cash cows!

  • Not true, my black man treats me better than all the men I have known. He is not a thug but well respected doctor

  • There is a reason people are different colors, so they stay within their own race.

  • 1 race the human race

  • I need to rape you

  • I hate the bbc and abc and all the channels. I hate that liz haze. she likes being hazed by men, ha. she should be raped.

  • Why would you post something like this???

  • Sweetie all i am trying to say is i want to give you a painfull a*** fuckk and will enjoy your moaning. Not only you but all woman need to be raped...

  • Can I watch you rape one?

  • Please rape my niece and keep her for your own

  • Wtf is wrong with you. yes some a*** can be painfull, yes some really moan, but not ALL women need raped(SICK)

  • Well honey...i am not able to contain myself while you people keep on flaunting as a piece of what extent men are suppose to hold back...h*** no...😡 . Would you be so kind to submit yourself to me i ll keep on eating your pink flower and swallow all your juices

  • I got a niece you can have

  • Sure it was her first, dressed ready for a man to pick her up, bet she asked for cab fare

  • I think I saw her at the Double Tree in Oak Ridge, several men approached her but she choose the black, oh well

  • I know she has had many more bbc by now and agree she asks for cab fare

  • I think I know her

  • Lucky lady

  • Because she did a bbc or because he turned her out?

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