I Lied...

I lied to my boyfriend about drinking diet sodas....I know it's stupid but I feel soooo bad. I promised him I would stop a long time ago but I can't just drink water the rest of my life. Regular soda is to sweet but diet is just right. He says it's bad for me but I think its better than regular.I love him so much and I hate lying to him about anything; I had to lie and say I didn't drink any but I think he knows I did. My conscience is eating me up. Does this make me a bad girlfriend?

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  • Who the h*** cares what you drink?
    Tell him to monitor his own life. You can manage yours

  • Why are you letting your boyfriend tell you what beverages you can drink? Red flag! If I were you, I'd just tell him flat out that you like diet soda, and you're going to drink it. Be honest. Your boyfriend sounds pretty controlling and I think you should nip it in the bud or get out of the relationship. One or the other. Him telling you what you can and can't drink is NOT okay, and you going along with it even though it bothers you is an example of you not being true to yourself. You don't want to start that chain reaction, trust me. Soon you won't even remember who you were, you'll just be an extension of him.

  • I agree with this person. It's one thing to feel guilty about lying about actually important issues, but yeah, the fact that you feel the need to lie to him about something to silly as a beverage (a non-alcoholic one, at that) just makes him seem very controlling. You shouldn't feel like he'll be mad at you for something so trivial. If you were diabetic or something, it'd be different.

    Also, if you're that concerned about making him happy and not drinking soda, flavored, carbonated, waters are a good alternative.

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