First Time Nudists

I finally convinced my wife to go to a nudist resort. I've been working on her for three years and last week she said yes. I never thought she would go through with it. Yesterday we went to a resort near our home and took the tour and purchased the day pass. We stripped and walked around. I made sure she could be viewed whenever guys where around. We settled at the pool and talked for a while. We wanted a drink but everything was in the car. I asked her to go get my wallet knowing that she would be walking by herself where the guys would see her on full display. I told her about the viewing and she was totally comfortable. A year ago she would never have dreamed of doing this. My wife has a great body and neither of us are the jealous type. She encouraged me to look at the other ladies. After we left, all she talked about was many more trips. She even discussed moving there. This was not an ** experience but opened the door.

Next Confession

Underwear thief- ** you you piece of **

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  • Your story is similar to ours. I worked hard to get the wife to visit a club and then harder to get her to get naked when we did arrive. Within a couple hours she was so relaxed she fell asleep at the pool with 200 other people around her. We stayed there for an entire weekend and returned a couple more times.

    It was her that suggested we get our own place there which we did and thats been 5 years ago. YES I love people seeing my wife naked. She is undeniably a hot ** woman in appearance.

  • Is a nudist colony or place a good place to hook up and have **?

  • If it's an average resort or club and your a single male, no it is not. In fact many resorts don't allow or limit single males. Males are generally ** heads and do or say things that bother the females. The way you asked your question leads me to think your an average male that knows nothing of what being a nudist really is about.

    There are other clubs for what your primarily after.

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