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I am 19 years of age, raised in a very religious. I am introverted and shy kind of gal. I rarely go out. I did try my best to mingle with others but it seems that I can't force myself into doing things that I don't really like. I am a good girl in nature yet when I become h****, I can't control myself. It seems that everyday, my need for s** is growing inside me. I do m********* by rubbing my p****, pressing and pinching my b**** but my hunger for s** can't be fully satisfied... I crave big and brown c*** to f*** me. I can't control myself from being h****. Even if I go out, I couldn't stop thinking s**. I was thinking of looking for someone to have s** in real yet I think it will harm me and my future... What should I do? I can't always be like this. By the way, I am still a virgin and I haven't had a boyfriend since birth.

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  • I have an 8in fat c***, it's yours when you want it

  • There's nothing to feel bad about, or guilty for your lustful desires. We are all sexual beings and all want to have s**, it's the most natural feeling after the drive to eat. You can have a great time and enjoy having s** without losing your virginity. There's a*** s** and oral s**, also s** with another woman. You can achieve a clitoral o***** as well as a g spot o***** without being penetrated. Don't hold back what you want sexually, live out your fantasies and enjoy every minute of it. Only the men in the organized religion preach that s** is a sin. I don't believe that at all, god gave his children s** to feel pleasure and enjoy each other. As long as your not hurting anyone mentally or physically and think you can do what every turns you on.

  • Don't do it. even though you crave it as soon as it's over you will regret doing it save yourself for your future husband I know it seems hard right now but you'll be so glad that you did

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