Sherry and I have been married for 14 years now but this happened on our 10th anniversary and that led us into the wife sharing lifestyle.
Sherry is now 35 and still a very good looking woman and since she agreed to be a shared wife she has become even more attractive working out in the guy so men will be attracted to her but I am getting away from my story.
We war not wealthy but Sherry is a nurse and makes a good wage and I work locally delivering lumber to job sites.
When we first married we couldn't afford a honeymoon so now that we have college funds started for both of out children we decided to go on a real honeymoon and booked a week at Marriot on the Island of Bimini.
Sherry's Mother agreed to watch our kids so we took off flying to Florida then the hop out to Bimini and we were both tired and jet lagged when we landed .
We checked in and unpacked then went down for a quick dinner intending to just chill and go to sleep early .
Sherry had on her Halter top and a short skirt and looked just fine and men turned their heads as we interred the dining room and I felt smug thinking and she is all mine guys look but don't touch. Neither one of us drink much but we ordered a dinner wine and struck up a conversation with an older couple at the next table and when they found out we were here for our 10 th anniversary they bought us a drink and we were tired so the drinks hit us both but we figured f*** it live a little and ordered another then another.
We were having fun but I was getting drunk and so was Sherry she was dancing with guys but I was afraid to chance dancing as drunk as I was then with all the exercise Sherry all of a sudden became very drunk and I decided we should go up to bed.
I struggled getting her to her feet then we made our way to the elevator and Sherry was leaning up against the wall with me holding her there wondering just how I was going to get her to our room when this deep voice laughed and said looks like you could use some help there dude want me to give you a hand.
I accepted gratefully and this big muscular black guy took my wife and lifted her like a child in his arms.
I had to hold onto his arm for balance as we made our way to the room then I struggled with the key card opening our room.
The guy had been talking to me but all I heard was meaningless words and I collapsed on the love seat as He laid my wife back onto our bed then his mouth was still moving but I couldn't understand what he was saying but he moved Sherry farther up on the bed and looked at me for a long time and said something else and turned back to my wife I was unable to do anything but watch as he began to sit her up and he pulled her halter top off and her b****** were bared for his pleasure and I remember thinking that she has great looking t***.
I watched as though it were an out of body experience as he laid her back again and toyed with her b****** then he sucked one and the other glancing over at me from time to time but I couldn't move and I couldn't close my eyes then he stood and pulled his muscle shirt off and I admired his almost hairless body that glistened with perspiration and then he pushed his pants to the floor and stepped out of them and I saw his huge c*** swollen with desire for my wife.
He looked at me to see if I was going to protest but I was still just watching in this out of body sensation as he lifter her ass and pulled her short skirt and panties off then he pulled Sherry's body to the edge of the bed and kneeled on the floor between her legs and drooped her legs over his shoulders and began licking her p**** and Sherry caught her breath and her hand laid on top of his head as her chest began to raise and fall then this guy stood lifting her legs up against his chest with his c*** in his hand .
I watched fascinated as his c*** moved between her legs and thought she cant take that as he worked his c*** up and down between her p**** lips then he found her opening and looking over at ne he worked his c*** head into her he wasn't saying anything now just working his d*** into her as I watched then his d*** was all the way in her and he started f****** and I was still watching fascinated as he f***** her for a long time Sherry's body bounced on the bed and her b****** were swinging in circles as he drove his c*** into her faster and faster it seamed that he took a long time then he cried out and stopped pulling her hips tight against his pubic bone and I thought he must be C****** now he stood this way for a short time then he f***** her really fast for several strokes and was C****** again he did this three or for times and I was impressed thinking that he must c** a lot without ever even being upset that it was my wife he was C****** in.
He stood there breathing hard with his c*** deep in my wife for a long time then he stepped back and his c*** fell out of my wife hanging limply between his legs and I say Sherry's lube on his c*** with traces of his sperm and it seamed so unreal to me as he dressed then left.
I must have passed out then and I woke up the next morning still on the love seat and looked over at my wife and she was still snoring softly with her feet on the floor I remembered everything but for some reason it just did not seam real to me until I stood there looking down at her p**** with her pubic hair matted with his dried sperm and her fluids I wondered if she had c** but probably not since she was out of it.
I helped her back up on the bed and saw that his sperm had leaked out of her and snails trails of his sperm down both of her legs.
I fixed coffee and thought about what had happened and for the life of me I couldn't get mad because it still seamed so unreal.
I washed his c** off of her legs and she woke up and I poured her some coffee then when she was sitting up I told her what had happened and she wanted to call the police but I talked her out of it pointing out that neither of us had protested but she was still mad through breakfast then she calmed down some and began to ask me what he looked like and she told me she was a little sore so I told her he had a big c*** and she became interested wanting to know if she had responded to him or not then she wanted me to point him out to her but we walked the beach and never saw him that day but I spotted him the next morning and this was our honeymoon day.
Sherry watched him from a distance commenting on how healthy and well built he was and I asked if she would like to do him again but she said of course not but later asked wouldn't that upset you but I wondered what it would be like to really be aware of what was happening and yes if she wanted I was game.
She agreed to have me approach him and invite him up to out room that evening and I was embarrassed but confronted him telling him that I had watched him f*** her and he just laughed saying you should have seen your face man it was soooo Kool dude yea dude I will f*** her again for you.
Sherry was very nervous when he came in her face flushed a bright red but he introduced himself to her as Jess and Sherry stood there looking at his groin until he laughed and said oh you want to see my c*** huh and pushed his swim trunks down for her.
Sherry's eyes opened wide and she gasped kneeling in front of him and without even looking at me she shucked him into her mouth then things went crazy and they were on the bed in a 69 position then she was on her back with his d*** in her grunting like a pig as he f***** her then he dogged her and she came crying out and he had her in a scissors with his d*** in her and Sherry looked over at me her eyes Smokey with desire as her body reacted to his thrusts and she gritted her teeth saying I'm gonna c** again and her body jerked in spastic thrusts on his c*** then she was on her back with her feet kicking towards the ceiling with each thrust he made in between her legs until he came.
It Dawned on me that this was out anniversary and it should be me f****** her but I was also so excited that I spent my seed on the bath towel in my hand as I watched them go at it.
We met with him twice more than came home but now we had opened our eyes and agreed that we wanted to do this many more times

Jun 21, 2018

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  • ""Mmm my hubby wants 'to' watch me being f*****( 'I ') but (I)said no. (T) then (one) never knows(.) (I)f (I)meet (the)right person right (and am in the) place maybe(?).""

  • DAMN so many word gaffs !! You need a proofreader and at least an 8th grade course in English. I's are ALWAYS capitalized and the tenses MATTER.

  • Mmm my hubby wants watch me being f***** but said no then never know if meet right person right place maybe

  • Do it!!!!! :)

  • The biggest c*** Sherry has taken that we measured anyway was a little over 11 inches and he was a French guy in New Orleans one summer.

    god his c*** was big and his b**** to.

  • Well to answer your question it is very erotic and forbidden to watch your wife give it to a black guy.
    I have also watched her with white guys and Mexicans but this happened so I am not going to change his skin color to please some people.

  • So f====== hot my c=== got hard reading lucky guy

  • Ik down!

  • I'm down*

  • We live in the Bay Area of Calif.

  • Sherry is still a nurse and I still drive truck out of Richmond Ca.
    Yes she f**** other guys while I watch and film but I am nor allowed to f*** other women just her.
    We have kids so our meetings are usually in motels of the guys place.

  • I'm willing to to meet up!

  • Sounds f****** hot where are you two based living wise?

  • Vallejo Ca.

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