I want to be skinny

I used to be skinny now I’m getting fat I’m 17 I hate my self

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  • Fat is normal to put on at the ages of 13 onwards. it gets harder to lose but its worth it. just get pregnant and everyone will forgive you then for being fat and hating yourself more. mothers are so amazing and special and wanted like the sign says on mommyposts.com. that will put you in the special important club unlike fat self hating unchilded women. you will get more sympathy at school and work and for love being a single mom. the world is against you when your just alone as a woman. go for it the clock is ticking.

  • *PHHHBBPPT!!* Sorry, I just tried to laugh and drink coffee at the same time. What a mess. Worth it, though! LMAO.

    This sounds like something I'd write, only far more sarcastically. You either missed the mark, or-- gods forbid-- you're actually dumb enough to be serious! Either way, my friend, well... You Tried. *pats your dear little head*

  • Doesn't everyone hate themselves? what makes you think your any different to all the pain filled souls out there hurting when you probably have at least another 20years of your self hate and suffering yet to catch up to everyone else. there is nothing special about you, we all feel this way. console in that it will get worse with age. its all down hill from here after 17 its down hill. you are basically a grandma status as well.

  • This right here. As we all know, teenagers think they've got the "profound suffering" market cornered. Oh, no. No, angels. Not by a LOOOOOONG shot. You know all the "agony" and "suffering" and bla bla bla you're so "bravely" enduring now? It gets worse. Nastier. More complex. Wait till you've been riding this pain train for 30 years. You have yet to pick up a lot of the baggage that makes it so......... special.

    Sweet dreams.

  • I want to be skinny too.

  • Really pathetic comments in here to advise a 17 year-old. Nobody should come here for advice. You're 17, and so the body issues will stay with you for many years. If you want to be happy, you've got to be happy with your body. Most people don't have the will power to put down the sugar and candy. Most people want to say they have gland issues, or a slow metabolism. Most don't want to exercise. Most will say there is some other factor involved in their weight gain, something superhuman, something special, something that sets them apart from the rest of us regular humans. Find your path, and don't come here for advice. This website is full of messed up people.

  • Fatter the better!

  • I’m 5’3 and 8.6 stone, it’s just my legs are getting bigger and my lower stomach sometimes looks like it sticks out .

  • I starve my gf. We are both middle age. I make her weigh herself every day and text me the weight.

  • He starves her til she feints. No, seriously-- it's all over this site. He can't spell, he can't fence, and since ^ this ^ is all he ever says, he doesn't have a gf either.

  • ^^What do you make her do?^^

  • I like to make her wear a corset.

    Sometimes I'll make her fast for several days. When she tells me how hungry she is and begs for food I'll have her do oral on me.

  • Food has been a comfort for you. The more you ate the better you felt.Something is bothering you deep inside you will need to bring it to the surface and it needs to be dealt with first.
    The second thing would be is what do you think is fat? Is it how much you actually weigh on a scale? Or is it how you actually look like in a mirror?

  • Please don't hate yourself, not even casually, not even in the abstract. If you don't like the fact that you're gaining, then get into an exercise class, or a spin class, or something you enjoy doing that qualifies as exercise. Or do a yoga or pilates class. Find something you like, because if you like it, you'll continue doing it. But please PLEASE let go of that hate: there's nothing good that will come of it. It won't inspire or motivate you, or make your life better. Please be well.

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