Thinkin about selling my body

I got a frien who was poor like me. Than she became a hoe and make lots and lots of money. She have nice car and apartment and buy what she want. I think she make easy money and I want that to. So Im thinking about selling my body and have lots money to. I no I can do this an get rich.

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  • This was written over 6 years ago, so if you didn't get on the ho bandwagon, you're too old now. That's got to suck, especially you're not going anywhere with that thundering lack of brainpower you've exhibited for us all!

  • I would strongly advise against this. I've known several women who chose this path and the emotional scars left behind were far worse than the physical ones (although I can think of at least one that would debate this). This is never a good idea. Do what you have to, but keep your self respect and know that no price is high enough to cover the cost of doing this--not ever. And for the record, I'm a guy. Your friend is on a bad, bad path. Trust me.

  • Forget about it. You'll go broke. Prostitutes are out of work too.

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