Black Lovers

I am writing this confession to anonymous readers because I cannot tell any one that knows me or my husband. For the past 2 years I have been having adulterous affairs with younger black college men. I have had at least 12 different young studs during this time. I cannot believe how they have opened my mind and my body to such incredible physical pleasure. Our friends and members of our community would be shocked to know that this upstanding well to do married white mother of 2 grown sons is a black c*** black c** loving s***. My husband travels a lot and I go to the bar where a lot of the college athletes hang out. I need that black loving all the time.


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  • My wife was f****** a young black college guy, I found when he got her drunk at his frat house she's not sure how many had her that night at least a dozen maybe more. The reason I found is she had to call me the next morning for a ride home.

  • After about 15 years of marriage the spark sorta died between us less and less s**. She took it upon herself to start dating black men. She started f****** my brains out. Maybe mercy s** I don't really know or care. Things just got better sexually between us.
    It has been 11 years since she started dating black men and I have no complaints. She is a sexy 47 year old hot wife and she dates men in their 20's all the time. So my advice is share this with your husband maybe its something both of you can enjoy.

  • Why don't you f*** around as well? It's not just your wife's responsibility, to keep the spice in your relationship going!! Get f****** aswell

  • Bosh. Dame is nothing but a airhead s_c_u_m_b_a_g. Furthermore, she's plain fortunate just to be alive. Doesn't matter ; what goes around comes around. What she needs to happen is to be brutally whooped & raped with a large heavy hand at her throat as she fears for her very life. Perhaps that would help put this in perspective. It's clear this dame has way too many choices that were abused. Beyond Dispute, It's time for payback for this little c_u_n_t.

  • The wife has had black men in her single days . would love to see her enjoy one

  • I'm white 60 with a fat 8in c*** and a big spunker, are you interested

  • Not interested

  • No, not my type. Go to an adult book store and show it off there.

  • Just a black meat w**** then

  • I just like men who respect and worship me, not themselves like you do.

  • Have you ever been with more than one at a time? how old are you?

  • I am 39, and love s**.

  • 39 with two grown sons? I sense some bs going on here...

  • So thats a yes?

  • Black meat w****

  • I don't charge, do you call every women who posts on here a w****?
    What about the men? What are they?

  • No just the black meat whores

  • Aww sad little (and I am certain you're little in the pants) keyboard warrior...

  • Still a black meat w****

  • You only f*** black men because your fat and ugly and only a black man would f*** you

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