Coroners report Ellenwood Georgia 1957

My grandfather worked for General Motors for forty years till he retired at age sixty-three. He lived on a farm which he himself didn't farm but raised and sold horses.

This was during the days of segregation but General Motors was a Northern company and didn't want the stigma of racism. My Grandfather had a black friend who lived nearby so he got the gentleman a job with the company.

In those days, workers could be paid by cash or a check. Since it was difficult for blacks to cash checks in those days my grandfather's black friend opted to be paid in cash.

The black guy had his first payday and he netted about 200 dollars. One of the bills was for $100.00.

The black guys brother in law demanded the $100.00 bill at gun point. He had a .22 automatic. My grandfather's friend refused and he was shot in the chest, neck, stomach and where the unfortunate man had tried to protect himself he had been shot through his outstretched hands.

He of course died. He had been shot a total of fifteen times the whole clip was fired into his body. His head had been bashed in until the guns butt broke off and my grandfather's friend was disfigured.

It had been one h*** of a fight. His in law tried to pay his bar tab with the $100.00 bill and the police arrested him. He was sentenced to life with no parole. He was twenty-five years old.

I hope he enjoyed his drunk.

Jun 11, 2016

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