You pray and the opposite happens. So why pray?

My first cousin had a younger daughter. She was only twenty when she and three other young people were killed by a drunk driver who ran a traffic light at a high rate of speed.

My cousin is very religious and prior to the wreck he told me he prayed for the welfare fo his children every night.

So what happens? She and three other very fine young people die senselessly. How did prayer help in that situation?

I am a practising atheist in that I belong to The Freedom From Religion Foundation FFRF and I personally can't understand the worship of some man in the sky who doesn't exist???

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  • I see this is a bit old, but the question wasn't addressed.

    First, it may interest you to know that science is continually proving the existence of God and the accuracy of the Bible. You might want to look into that.

    As to your question, here is what happens: First, God is all-knowing. Sure, we may want our children to live long, full lives, but that may not happen. Perhaps if the daughter had lived, she would have died a long, miserable death to cancer or some such illness. Perhaps she would have lost her faith. Perhaps she was being used to give the drunk driver a lesson, one he would never forget.

    Second, there is free will. I could pray every night that we'll be safe, but I cannot control the actions of other people. While God could, there wouldn't be a point to free will, would it? Now, if a man decided to break into my house and kill us, it's possible for God to whisper in his ear, "Not that house. Not tonight." Maybe the guy would change his mind. Having free will, the decision is his, just like it was someone's decision to get drunk and think it was okay to drive. Just because God CAN stop it, doesn't mean he would or should.

    God's pretty amazing, and when we let Him control our lives, our lives can be amazing, too. Know that there is a difference in praying and His will.

  • Dumbest thing I have read in a while

  • When satan tempted Jesus he offered him the kingdoms of the world, when we prey we ask for Gods kingdom to rule as He does rules heaven. That's because we are living on the world control by evil, so bad things happen but as we pray for a kingdom to come it tell us that this things will stop and suffering will stop it's a matter of time, that's why we pray to stay strong and keep hope in these horrible situation so we can get there. Revelation 21:4 says this things will stop, and suffering will be forgotten and God cares he also knows the pain He suffered the pain of having his son killed by evil people. So He does remember his people

  • If you read the bi-bull you'll see that the over whelming majority of the human race are destined for a fiery burning H*** with no end. Doesn't sound like sufferings going to end to me.

  • It is said that god takes away religious person life so they could be closer to Him. I apologize if I offended you.

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