Jealous women

I'm so tired of other girls / women's jealousy. I've been a victim of it since I was a kid. At first it was because of things I had, then boys that liked me and then of my weight. Later on it was about grades, a girl complained to the teacher when I got a better grade than her on an essay because I didn't spend hours on it. My best friend set out to kiss my boyfriend when she didn't have one, another "friend" pulled down my top (was a braless dress) in public because I looked good. Now it's mostly from women who are unhappy and bitter about their lives, who try to tear down happy women. I wish these insecure b****** could just stop it. I have many secure friends that don't need to do this type of thing, it's so frustrating that these jealous women don't understand. It's almost taboo to express this as it looks like I'm full of myself. Sorry but I DO love myself! That's why I don't feel the need to act out of jealousy.

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  • You're judging it incorrectly. Reread what you'd written and you'll realize what I am talking about.

  • I get the same thing and I am just 14. One day I was sitting in the conference room waiting for my dad and brother. This girl that I don't even know was in there too and my mom was in there too. The girl was looking at me all mad and hateful and my mom noticed it to. My mom asked me why she was staring at me like that i said idk cause i really didnt know i was just minding my own business and we knew she was just jealous and hating on me lol.

  • U ain't got no hataz u ain't poppin

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