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This woman has been banned from youtube for being homosexual! Vote for her to be unbanned by placing your vote on this website.

Jun 15, 2016

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  • Is she really gay cause when I saw a couple of her videos just go what they were about they were against the lgbtq community

  • It's disgraceful that such a beautiful person could be denied a voice simply because she is gay. I've written to YouTube - you should too.

  • No one is buying it.

  • Evalion... the racist troll? With each minute you watch her stereotyping people, your IQ decreases exponentially. No one needs that BS around, she's a part of the problem in the world. Interestingly, I had a premonition about this, I knew something about her would turn up here.

  • Agreed. She is HORRIBLE. Not because she's homosexual. Because she's bigoted.

  • Yup. She's awful. What she does is beyond trolling. It's insane.

  • She's obviously acting: she doesn't believe anything she says. What I don't understand is who or what is behind her little "show".

  • Not sure, she may be psychotic or paid by people who want to spread racism. People need to stop giving that b**** any sort of attention though. I'm not even sure why some guys like her, she is hideous looking and evil.

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