** republicans

I just heard that Ruth Ginsberg has passed from cancer! This is egregious to say the least. I mean no disrespect to her and her family, death is coming to all of us! But now that son of ** trump wants to appoint a ultra conservative judge to the highest court their is ! Do you people not realize that he is ripping America a new ** ! I wish the son of a ** would get COVID and give it to his family and friends and they would all die ! Marsha Blackburn is a ** ** that loves to lick trumps ** they ( the Republicans ) must love the taste of his ** ! If ted cruz loves him so much why don’t he marry him while he has the chance! For GODS sake people get out and vote and vote that racist bigot out ! Your rights are being taken away from you !

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  • ** that old **, she’s probably burning in **.

  • Those who call Trump an ** are wrong. He doesn't have one. That's why he's full of **.

  • Trump 2020

  • The Democrats scream, The United States in danger and is about to fall.

    Face it, The United States has always been in danger and is about to fall since the day the Declaration of Independence was sign.

    This is all just a cycle of history that repeats again and again.

  • China will control us in the next decade

  • Ginsberg's greatest legacy will be the conservative dominance on the Supreme Court for the next half century because of her refusal to stand down when she was in her eighties and Obama was in power.

    Not real smart on reflection was it?

  • So true.

  • Trump is so racist he is allocating $500 Billion with a capital "B" to revitalize Black communities. You have derangement syndrome cos the media is lying to you about Trump. They're playing you like a fool.

  • You're desperate to ** the orange ** of a con man and you're wittering about other people being played? Well, dumbfucks are strong on lack of insight, that gets proven about three times every hour...

  • You're on the wrong side of this issue.
    RBG is no longer with us and there is a vacancy. Trump is the president and it is his responsibility to fill the vacancy. The only reason he is seen as tearing the country apart is that his opponents in the DNC, citizenry, and media do not know how to act like adults, as you have proven.
    If you want me to vote against Trump,the Democrats will need to run better candidates who actually have a platform instead of focusing on the election opponent. Biden does not have one.

  • Lol I voted trump in 2016 just to get people like you mad. Doing it again this november

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