Wife Likes to Show Off

My wife is very attractive and has a great body. Her legs are exceptional and her backside is one if the best in creation. She also has the face of a model and when she walks down the street men try to flirt with her or ask her out or try to get her into bed.
All this attention has gone to her head and she always wears short skirts and no undies , that's right no undies , no bra just a short skirt and a skimpy blouse. She will go shopping like that all the time. she loves to bend over in front of men where ever she goes. One time we were waiting to see our tax guy in his office . there must have been 10 people in there with us. She sits down and proceeds to cross and un cross her legs, remember she has no underware on so the poor bastards across from her got a clear view of her shaved p****. She loved every minute of it , so did they. There are times when she is talking to some guy who she is clearly flirting with and her nipples are sticking out.
One time she went out get the paper and bent over to pick it up when the guy next door was trying to mow his lawn. She wore only a short bathrobe and when she bent over he saw her backside as well as her p****. the poor b****** ran over his rose bushes and cut them to shreds.
She can be cruel as well, she loves teasing men all the time and drives them to distraction.
I asked her why she does these things she said because she could.
I don't know what to do with her except when i want s** no matter what she does to me I simple through her on the bed and s**** her to death.

Mar 23, 2020

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  • I caught my wife out shopping, she didn't know I came home early, and walked in the door in this wild outfit. The outfit she had on left almost nothing to the imagination, the skirt was so short that anyone walking behind her could see she had no panties on. It was one of those Sizzler outfits that were all the rage many years ago, she had some left when we married.
    They were designed to be worn with matching bottoms, she just left those off.
    She tried to hide that she was doing that, imagine her surprise when she found out I liked it.
    Now, we go out together, she flashes her bare t****** and p**** to anyone who cares to look.
    It turns me on, we sure have a busy s** life.

  • Can you send picstures for me leacau@outlook.com I will tribute for her

  • When my wife went off to college in the fall of 1971 she changed. In August she was more or less raped by this skinny dicked guy she never saw again and figured she had nothing to lose any more so she changed. she was always sexually charged and can't even remember when she didn't m*********. She was having o****** in the fourth grade. She was an early bloomer and had pubic hair at ten and about that same time her mom made her start wearing a bra. Sixth and seventh grade she had guys staring at her chest and trying to feel of her t***. I still can't believe it but her super straight laced mom let her date this one guy at 13. He went to their church and she loved him because he was in her Sunday School class. She was already hot to trot from all her masturbation and daydreaming so he got her bra off about the third or fourth date. He was 17 I think and a senior. He would just play with her big t*** and never tried to get his hand in her pants. She would get home and couldn't wait to get in her bed and jilloff.

    The next year he went off to school and more or less disappeared. She began to date around and every guy just "wanted to look" at her big t***, now a "C" cup, big for 14. All this time no one ever tried to get her off. She says she never got any of them off although a couple did their own thing. They would get her hot and bothered and take her home to jilloff. All this time she was wanting to try another girl but that didn't happen in those days in high school.

  • By the time she was a senior she guesses 25 or 30 guys had played with her bare t***. She had gotten to the point that as soon as she was a block away from home she was taking her bra off. Her girl friends were doing it too when they went out as a group as it was the "stylish" thing then to have hard nipples sticking out. She even had problems with the fathers of kids she babysat for wanting to see her t*** on the drive back to her house and she let most of them and even made out with some of them. By the time she graduated she had plenty of experience no f****** yet. The rapist sort of opened the door for her. He was the first to ever see her hairy p**** and he hopped on and held her down until he came in her and then took off. A month later she was a hundred miles away with a car and no one to know what she did. She says she never wore a bra any more after classes got out.
    I would pay good money for pictures of her back then but nobody had a Polaroid around. One guy did make one pic of her bare t*** when she was 13 or 14 but he kept it.

    She is short, only 5'3", and had a really nice body with the bib t*** and great legs. She was into the braless look and skipped the panties, too, after being at school for a couple of weeks. She also started drinking. She says that after about three drinks she found that her panties ended up in her purse so she quit wearing them most of the time.By the second week of school she had found out where to go to party and had already f***** one guy the night they met. She would date them three or four times over a couple of weeks and move on to another. By Christmas she had already f***** 25 guys and let a bunch more than that play with those big t*** in the parking lot.

  • She came home for the holidays and f***** three more that she had dated in high school but wouldn't f***. When she went back to school in January she met her dream guy, her Marlboro man. He had a big c*** and they dated for six months. When she came home for the summer she had no commitment from him so she started back on old dates from high school and f***** about 8-10 more before she met her first hubby. She went straight for about 3-4 years and went to a trade show for her work and had a few drinks and her panties fell off again. Knocked down two that weekend and then was doing a new one about every three or four months until we got together and she switched to girls. She admits to 50 guys and I know of about 25 girls since 1983 and there would be more if we could find them.

    The whole point is this---once that inner s*** ever comes out, whether it's alcohol or something else, once they find out what make the panties fall off, they are never the same again. Some women never find out and some never stop. We have friends of all ages who have f***** hundreds of guys and others who won't do anything but complain about guys. If they have big t*** like my wife and some of my old GFs, I guarantee you that they have been naked a lot more than you would think with more guys than you would think. Not all but most big titted girls have a straight wire from their nipples to their c**** and when they get played with very much they are going to get off one way or another. Two wives, two fiances and one sister have all shared this info with me over the years. When they don't wear underwear they are advertising by pheromones and hard nipples. If you can't deal with it, change women now. It doesn't get better.

  • My young and gorgeously petite wife's been showing off her sweet little lace panties prickteasing the guys at the lounge we frequent. After a few too many she was at a again. She went to the ladies room and hiked her already short skirt and showing her little pants. She went out for some air and a few guy's got ahold of her and pounded her p*say senseless. One or more of them must of been hung because the was she was walking was telltale. She was pantyless and her smooth slender inner thighs were frosted thick with come.
    I know who did it because those lace delicious and delicate panties that all the guys wanted to get in hung from his pickup trucks mirror.

  • My wife's gorgeously petite and so flirtatious when she has a few drinks in her. She kind of got her just desert. When I was playing in a darts tournament she went out to get some air and was pounded by a few guys behind the lounge. I'm average and they must of been hung because the way she walked in was telltale. She was pantyless and stretched out a bit. I know who did it because her extremely cute little panties are hanging from his pickups mirror. A lot of guys at the lounge have been ogling them and know she's not exclusive anymore.

  • Sorry I wrote it twice.


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