Take off your pants

I phoned her and arranged to meet for lunch at the mall. As I was walking toward her I saw that she was wearing jeans and a tee shirt.

I looked at her and said "are you trying to challenge my authority or something" She asked "What did I mean" I said "you are wearing pants" she looked surprised and said "sorry she'd just put them on without thinking".

I said untuck your shirt and she did.

I said put your hands at your sides and she did and the tee shirt was reasonably long. Not finger tip length but about thumb length.

I said go into the ladies toilet and take them off. Your tee shirt will do as a mini dress.

She said She couldn't do that. It would be too short. I insisted and said if you do not comply there will be additional punishment at home.

She said can we just go home and you can have s** with me. I said we will go home, I will punish you and then we will come back with you in your tee shirt.

Finally she went into the ladies toilet and after an age came back out. I watched as she walked toward me. Lovely long legs. You could not quite see her undies. As she got close, I could see her face was flushed and her eyes watery. I asked where were her pants and she said she had put them in the trash bin. I said good girl. I took her by the hand and we walked the full length of the mall in silence and then part way back to a coffee shop.

I held the chair while she sat. As I walked to the opposite side of the table I looked and could see the edge of her undies and a lot of thigh.

I sat and looked at the menu. I asked what she would like and she said she did not want anything and that she felt sick. The waitress came over and I ordered a salad bowl and two forks and a coffee for me and water for my wife.

We ate lunch almost in silence. I asked how she was and she said humiliated. I said sometimes you have to feel pain in order to change.

9 days

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  • I’ve saw the last 8 comments, they don’t see or ( obviously) know how a D/s relationship works keep going, your doing fine.

  • This made no sense.

  • They are in a D/s relationship, she made a mistake and was punished for not adhering to his rule. She will make a fine submissive.

  • You are an absolute t*****

  • You are revolting

  • Your stories are s***. Get a job.

  • It had only been a few days since I'd told her I did not want her to wear pants or jeans etc. I understood that there maye times that she will need to but that on those occasions that she must ask me for specific permission.

  • That’s no way to treat your grandmother.
    Put a bullet in your head!

  • Wife 😃

  • What an unpleasant person you are.

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