I saw my mother in law naked and let her see me

My MIL is a mid 40's woman and is exceptionally beautiful, She had my wife when she was 20 years old and still people think they are sisters more than mother and daughter, she has never been married and has not dated since my wife was 5 or so.
She had planned to come and stay with us for a few days and when she arrived I was in the utility room doing some wiring, I heard her come in and put her stuff in the downstairs spare room.
I climbed down off my ladder and decided to go say hi, Apparently she had decided to make use of the time she had before my wife got home from work in an hour and a half, I walked out of the utility room to the family room which took about three minutes from the time I heard her leave the spare room to the time I got to the family room.
As I approached the couch I seen one of her feet sticking out over the arm of the couch, I thought it was strange but approached anyway, As I leaned over the couch I froze.
There she was laying on her back, All of her clothes piled on the floor and her left leg straight out hanging over the arm of the couch, Her right foot against her left knee with her right leg folded wide open, Her hairy p**** spread wide open as she rubbed her c*** softly, Her wet, pink p**** lips showing through the hair as she rubbed, She had her surprisingly firm looking right t** in her left hand pinching and pulling her nipple pale pink nipple, Her left nipple was rock hard and the size of a pencil eraser, Her t*** are a good solid c-cup and look great.
I stood there staring for at least two or three minutes as she rubbed herself with her eyes closed, I watched as she slid one of her nicely manicured fingers into her hairy p****, She worked it in and out about five times moaning then opened her eyes, She looked right at me and froze with her finger in her still pulling her nipple then she panicked and screamed "OH GOD", She jumped up and ran past me, I said "I am so sorry" as she ran down the hall, I watched her small firm ass jiggle as she ran.
I went straight upstairs and knowing she would be coming up soon to either scold me or apologize (I wasn't sure which) I went straight into my bedroom and pulled my pants and underwear to the floor leaving the door open, I went into the bathroom.
my wife has always told me I am somewhat "Blessed", I have an 8 1/2" long c*** which is quite thick, I stood in front of the mirror at the sink, C*** in hand stroking it, I heard her come upstairs, Searching for me, I heard her go to the kitchen, Living room and finally our room, She came directly to the bathroom attached to our room and appeared at the door way, She stopped and put her hand in front of her face saying "Good god, What are you doing", I said "Sorry", She put her hand down blocking her view of my d***, she looked at me and said "what are you doing", I said "Sorry, I didn't think you would be coming up here so quick", She put her hand down and looked at my still rock hard c***, She said "Can you please put something on", She left the bathroom and sat on the bed, I walked out and my rock hard c*** was face level for her, I stood there trying to talk to her and she kept looking at my d***, She said "I can't talk to you until you cover...that up" waving her hand at my c***, I was still rock hard and picked up my underwear puling them up, I stood there very obviously still hard, She sat there and looked up at me, her face beet red and wearing only a pair of pants and a t-shirt, She obviously had no bra on and her nipples were rock hard.
She looked at me and put her hands up, she said 'I am so sorry, I didn't think you were here, You were supposed to be at work, I asked my daughter and she said you wouldn't be home till supper", I apologized and explained that I got off work early and for not saying anything when she came in, I stood there as we talked with the outline of my still hard c*** showing perfectly through my underwear, I caught her looking a few times and she caught me looking at her hard nipples more than a few times, She finally said "Can you stop looking at my b**** while we talk?", I said "I am sorry, Its just...", She looked at me puzzled and said in a scolding voice "Just what...", I said "you're body is so amazing", She looked at me and said "Good god...i'll come back"
She disappeared downstairs and I quickly blew my load in my wifes sink while thinking about her mom.
I snuck up to her bedroom door and listened, I could hear her breathing heavy and moaning then heard her moan a bit louder and heard a muffled "Oh god YESSS" then listened and a few seconds later heard "Oh that is so, so, so wrong, but holy he is huge".
I went back to the kitchen and she came up a bit later, we talked for a bit and she explained how wrong it was for me to j*** off after seeing her naked, I apologized but let her know that I knew what she had just done, We agreed to keep it between us.
I love knowing that she knows I jerked off to her and her to me.

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  • Great confession. So hot. I have more ir less the same thing. A hot m.i.l. and one time I saw her rubing her crotch to the armrest of the dinnertable chair while reading. Very slowly. Saw it through the window. When she was done I went in. When she made me tea I checked her book. There was a sexscene on that page. H******* thing ever to have seen her m*********.

  • That's forbidden in religion man.stop this and fear GOD.

  • I was 24 and mil 59, a little on the chubby side. My wife and I were in college living in on campus apartments which my mil had a key to. My wife was at work when my mil came into our apartment not knowing I was home early from work that day and in the shower when she came into the bathroom having to pee really bad. Her pants and panties were around her ankles before she realized I was in the shower, I pulled the curtain back and let her see me in all my naked glory, she was so embarrassed that I started to laugh which caused her to get angry, then I couldn’t help it but, I got an erection and without thinking I said I bet you haven’t seen something like this in a long time. It took a few hours of trying but finally got her in bed. It was far from great s** but it was always fun.

  • I walked in on my unsuspecting mother in law one time, Bit of a chubby woman with big b**** and she was sitting on the edge of the bed in her housecoat after showering and had her legs spread and had her hands on her p****, With her arms squishing her big b**** together. She wasn't rubbing or anything, Just spreading her lips and touching it but she had her butt right on the edge and kind of fell off the bed scrambling to get covered up so I walked away and she chased me down. At first she was angry I was there but then she apologized for not taking more precautions even though she wasn't expecting me. She was more embarrassed than anything so to pick up her spirits when she said something about being embarrassed of her body I blurted out "H*** no, Your b**** are amazing" Then I pretended that I embarrassed my self and said "Oh god...I did not just say that...I am so sorry...It just slipped".
    She told my wife and my wife laughs at me for telling her mom she has great b**** :)

  • I was j******o** to my mother in law,and saying her name out loud,when all of a sudden the door opened as I was starting to shoot my l***. It was my mother in law Emmy. She thought I was calling her to my room. To my surprise she stepped in the room,and closed the door behind her. She just got out of the shower so she only had a robe on.Emmy is 62 yrs old,dark,wrinkled skin,about1

  • Continued.... About 160 lbs.,34dd t*** that hung down to her belly button,she was a heavy smoker,so she had a husky voice,and a mouth worse than a trucker,and false teeth. I know that's not for everybody but for me EMMY was the perfect woman.
    As Emmy stood next to my bed watching me c**,she asked me if she heard what she thaught she did. I moaned out a yes as my c@@k pumped out the last bit of c@m. Then Emmy asked what else I was saying. At this point there was no turning back,so I reached out and grabbed her hand,and looked Emmy in her eyes and told her I loved her,and that I wanted her to be my wife. Then Emmy asked if that's truly how I felt,and I confessed that it was.
    Then Emmy leaned over and started kissing me. It was so passionate,and erotic probing her toothless mouth. After about 5 minutes EMMY slowly moved her mouth down my body,and started sucking up all the thick globs of c@m off my body,then worked her way back up to my mouth,and kissed me with her mouth full of my c@m. Our tongues swirled together and we both hungrily swallowed every bit of it. After that Emmy laid on her back,and spread her legs as I licked and sucked on her big p@ssy lips,and big meaty cl!t. Emmys p@ssy lips were so big they hung down atleast 6". Her p**** was so loose it just gaped and hung open enough to fit a one liter soda bottle in it.
    I kissed Emmy slowly back up to her mouth,and rubbed my c@ck on her p@ssy. Emmy spread her legs wider,and my c@ck slid right in her giant hole. She was so wet and loose,I could barely feel the sides. I came in her after 10 minutes,but we made love 6 more times that day. We have been making love for the past 8 yrs,and will never stop.

  • You missed there you should have got her on the bed and f***** her, if it was me i been up her in no time.

  • I don't think she would resist if you made a move!

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