Double glazing turnes into double trouble

I admit, me and my boyfriend were on a break atm but we are back together now but inbetween, 3days after the huge row and he left with his stuff, our landlord phoned me at work and said i was getting the double glazing windows instauled today in an hour, so after getting in trouble at work and getting home i found two angry window guys on my doorstep, i apologised and tryed to explain but they were still rude and dissgusting brutes, as they did their thing i overheard them talking about me, how i was a "stuck up **" "posh office **" and that all "i need is a good hard **" i had enough started to get upset but then i heard them start saying what they would do to me and who would have what end, i admit i got turned on, so i waited till they were done and had a go at them at the door saying they had missed something in the bedroom, they came upstairs and i closed the door on them, i told them i heard eveeything thwy said about me and asked them? are they all talk or not? well they wernt just talk, i took it so hard from them, abd the insults didnt stop there, i gave as good as i got and they were two hours late for their next job, they were dirty bastards and it was very very degrading **, they did really nasty things to me and i really enjoyed it. two weeks later my bf moved back in!

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