I let them have their way with me

So basicly im not trying to justify myslef but i did a veey bad thing and now feel terrible about it,
for start my back ground is 6months ago me and my boyfriend were made homeless, boyfriend lost his job, dad had car accident, mum is addicted to drink, my sister left the country without telling anyone, iv now got depression and now if betrayed my man, i lost my s** drive alot over past few months and this has caused arguments, really bad ones, iv been so stressed and have broken down many times and the other week i let myself down by realising and going wild, doing aomething i never thought i would, i got dragged into going out with a meal with co-workers something i really did not want to do, got very drunk and went out to a club afterwards, me and my partner were not really talking at time due to the arguements and i ended up going back to this guys flat who i didnt know and also with his friend, i had never had a threesome before nor even slept with anyone else apart from my boyfriend, but i let both them have s** with me unprotected and in a way that is more disreapectfull than ever to my boyfriend,
my boyfriend has asked many times for a*** s** and i have let him, do some things (finger, toy , etc) but i have never managed to take him in my bum,
needless to say i let these totel strangers enter my body in the place where i have never even let my boyfriend, i let them do what ever they wanted to me as it was such a release, i mean when i was sandwiched between them, both bodys pressing against mine another both members inside me at the same time, i felt nothing but pleasure, something i had not felt in suck a long time, no worries, no stress, just free easy pleasure, i admit after our first session i knew what i had done but encouraged them after for another and then another, till it was early hours of the morning and i was sore and overflowing with the mess they had left inside my body, im ashamed to admit it but it was an amzing experance, as it had brough back mine and my boyfriends s** life but it wasnt just the sticky body fluids they left in me, if was also the guilt and shame, the shame that i knew what i waa doing by the 2nd time and yet i wanted it to carry on!

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  • Your a normal person turned on by a new adventure nothing wrong with that

  • Thamm that's f***** up... U should of had that with ur bf.. Not some dudes .. I guess tho. Still ain't kewl . Not kewl. Ur a s*** now lol sorry that qualifies

  • Why all the excuses you dont need to blame everything else for you been a w....

  • You should be getting paid bcause u are a full w....

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