Never let a woman think she beat you in wrestling

When I was 22 I had already been with my girlfriend Sheila for more than 4 years. She was about 4 inches shorter than I was but a little on the heavy side carrying most of the extra weight on her lower half, so from her hips down she was wider and thicker than average but still maintained incredible curves in spite of the extra weight. My friends would always comment on how conceited she was and the way she always talks about herself either being smarter or stronger or tougher than who ever we happen to be talking about. Sheila was 5'8" and weighed around 170 or more. We used to wrestle playfully and I would always let her sit on my chest because that really turned me on and her to as it turned out. We started having the little arguments about what was last said or who was supposed to do this or that and it would always become a power grab for sheila to be right and me admit I was wrong. She was on some kind of power trip over me or something. So here comes our last day as a couple only thing is I don't know it's coming yet. She shows up at the door wearing a new pair of designer jeans with that white stitching on all the seams and it Really highlights the extra weight areas making them noticeably bigger and less attractive so I told her that and right away she tells me to watch my mouth or she will kick my ass. I'm like "What?". She says "you know I can look how easy I can pin you in wrestling everytime" I tell her "that's because I let you"! ... She starts pushing me toward the front lawn to settle this once and for all right here. As I stare at her backside outlining everthing in those tight Jean's my fetish takes over and I let her wrestle me down and sit on my chest except this time she places her shins on both arms and scoots forward so her knees are on my shoulders. I'm getting so turned on not realizing that to her this is a power thing and not a plaything any more. So even though I can easily get out of this I decide to act like I'm a little worried because my arms are at my sides under her shins and I tell her to let my arms move away from my sides knowing she would refuse and gloat about her power over me. Still not realizing she is being serious and Her only goal is to prove once and for all she can beat me in wrestling and then end our relationship with her coming out on top literally. By now I'm really getting turned on by her reaction to my believable all out attempts to buck her off or unbalance her enough to free an arm I would always be careful not to buck to hard but enough that sheila thought I'm trying my hardest especially by the way I would let out real deep grunt sounds in a last effort before her weight and butt would drop back down in the same position as I yelled out in frustration how p***** I am and start bucking like I'm full of rage (really turned on more than ever before by her reaction to my believable anger) I could only imagine what she feels like still sitting on me after 20 minutes and I'm still not able to buck her instead I'm forced to agree with her having this kind of power over me. I start bucking like crazy again and this time I go a little harder and then back off a little after one of my arms slipped out because I bucked a bit to hard almost dumping her so I let her put my arm under her shin pretending I didn't have the strength to stop her and acting like I can't unseat her not able to lift her butt even 1 inch off my chest while grunting to emphasize effort convincing her I'm really pinned she says to me I'm still sitting on the same spot I was when we started 20 minutes ago I beat you fair and square and theres nothing you can do about it. It's probably going to be very humiliating for you to know I'm telling everybody I challenged you and won Wait until they hear I spent 20 minutes sitting on your chest laughing at you trying your hardest to buck me off and couldn't and how mad you were especially when I made you admit out loud I did this to you and had you pinned down when I broke up with you at which point she got off me and went inside her house and locked the door. I didn't see that one coming and was completely f***** because for her it was real and she told the entire town what she did to me before ending it. The moral of the story is "Don't ever give your power to a woman who really can't take it from you" it's worse knowing you let her beat you in this case than had she been able to really beat me. I bet she still thinks she really had me like that. I've told her years later But she looks at me and says "you still can't admit to yourself a woman could do that to you". I had to finally say f*** it and give her that one.

May 16

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  • When I was twelve a girl of size wanted to wrestle me and I said ok expecting the episode to only last for a short time. We wrestled and went went to the ground. It was grassy and we rolled around for awhile. I got an erection which at one point she saw or sensed. She grabbed my crotch but not hard. We quit wrestling and when no one was around we did a show and tell.

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