Big outie belly button

I absolutely love walking around in public exposing my round belly and belly button. My belly is 45 inches round and my belly button is 3/4 inches across and sticks out 1 inch from my belly. I wear super short shorts all the time so that I can expose my roundness. One day I got on a crowded train and held on to the rail above. There was a lot of high school kids on their way to school who kept looking, laughing and pointing at me.

I remember the time I found out that my belly button was super ticklish, I had on some sweat pants and a super small shirt. My lower belly was exposed up to 2-3 inches above my belly button. I was at my friends house visiting. His uncle was there visiting and he came downstairs and my friend introduced me to him. He was staring at me and said in a southern voice "by golly that's the biggest nabel I ever saw." He then said "why is it hanging out like that"? I just said I don't know. So we all sat down on the couch. His uncle reached over and tickled the tip of my belly button. I busted out laughing. He then went around the meat tickling my belly button meat. I started laughing harder. He said "if this thing is that ticklish why do I have it out!" I told him I didn't know it was ticklish. He kept tickling my sensitive belly button meat for a minute or two. He told me if he saw my belly button again he would tickle me a lot worse. I just said "yes sir!" It was the best experience ever.

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  • I would love to play with your belly button

  • I’m 23 male and would love to chat.

  • What a lovely story I am a black male with a fetish for woman with outie belly buttons. Im interested in getting to know u and that outie of yours. Its so much to ask hopefully you'll be interested...

  • I would love for you to get to know me and my outie. What do you like best about outies?

  • Wish I could lick and suck it out

  • That sounds delightful.

  • I would love to meet you to see that big outie belly button

  • I would love to as well

  • Each to their own. Personally The thought revolts me

  • Why does it revolt you?

  • Lol I understand

  • Can i suck and tickle it n make you o*****?

  • Oh my goodness I would absolutely love that!

  • Can I meet you hit please hit me up I would love to tickl

  • Sorry I hit the post button to fast I was thinking about sucking and playing with your sexy belly button I love outies so much I want to meet you

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