I came in my wifes best friend

Last weekend my wife and her best friend got drunk, They came home around 2:30 in the morning.
My wifes best friend is very pretty but a little bit chubby, She was very drunk and ended up passing out on the couch, My wife asked me to carry her downstairs and flopped down face first on the bed, I got up and walked to the living room, She had on a sexy little skirt and a low cut top, She has big DD b**** and soft sexy legs, I picked her up and carried her downstairs, She was passed out in my arms and with each step I watched her b**** jiggle.
I laid her on the bed and rolled her onto her side, The bottom of her bum was showing from under her skirt, Knowing my wife was passed out I lifted her friends skirt and exposed her soft, Round bum, She had on only a thong and I massaged her cheeks, I pulled her thong to the side and spread her cheeks, She has a very nice, Pink p**** and a nice, Tight looking bum hole.
I undid her top and pulled it down so her huge floppy b**** were out and knelt behind her, I leaned over and sucked one of her big nipples into my mouth as I stroked my p**** rubbing the k*** on her bum hole, I worked the k*** into her bum and felt her clench her cheeks, I pulled it out and stroked it while sucking her t** and when I was ready to come I pressed the tip into her p****, I came hard and shoved my whole p**** in her, She tensed up a bit then moaned and relaxed, I stroked back and forth still coming then stayed inside her until I went limp.
When I was done I stripped her naked and left her like that then went upstairs and crawled into bed.
In the morning she came upstairs and had breakfast then spent the rest of the day with us and went home that night.

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  • My wifes friend passed out one night while sharing a hotel room, We were partying hard and she was wearing a pair of cotton shorts to bed, I woke up to take a p*** and when i came back she was on her back with her left knee flopped open and i could see up the leg of her shorts.
    Her husband was snoring beside her and my wife was out cold so i slid my hand up her thigh and rubbed her furry little p****, i fingered her for a bit then took some pictures and pulled her shirt up and took some pictures of her nice b**** and ran a load off on a hand towel and covered her up.
    We should book another holiday with them :)

  • My wifes best friend has become a heavy drinker since her divorce a couple years ago, Whenever she comes to visit her and my wife party hard and get wasted, I almost always sneak into the spare room after my wife is passed out and do things to her friend.
    I have only actually banged her twice but she is also a little chubby and has big t*** which i have spent over an hour sucking before and have left multiple loads on.
    Hope she doesn't go sober anytime soon.

  • I wish I could have been there.

  • I'd love to funk my wife's fat friend

  • Great

  • That's brilliant....let's hope she doesn't get pregnant though eh?

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