I poked it in

Last night my wife got hammered, she came home, stripped down and crawled into bed and passed out, Never said a word to me or anything, I snuggled up behind her and cupped her b****, she didn't even move, I spread her cheeks and rubbed my k*** on her p****, She was already wet and I slid it in, She just took a breath and sighed.
She has always said I am to big to do a*** with her and never lets me put more than a finger in her bum, I spread her cheeks again, Put some spit in my hand and rubbed her bum, I pressed my p**** against her hole and rubbed it a bit then pressed it in, She made a little grunt and flung her arm back at me, I held her tight and shoved it in, She grunted "F***", Once it was half way in I stopped, She just breathed heavy, I slowly worked it in and out and soon shoved the other half in, She made a whimpering noise and I kept going, I had all 8 inches b**** deep in her ass, I couldn't believe it, Her ass was so tight I only lasted a few minutes and came in her, I laid there until I went limp and slid out of her.
I rolled over and went to sleep and she never moved until almost 10:00 she hasn't said a word about it and doesn't seem angry so I don't think she even knows.

Nov 14, 2016

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  • She only needed a bit of spit, cuz she was already lubed up from another man's c** in her ass from before she came home!
    Why do you think she never mentioned it? Bwahahahaha!

  • Rape!!

  • Spit?
    I need a condom and tones of lube.
    She hates it but I require her to accept.

  • I've let my married boyfriend f*** my ass with just spit as lube many times. He wants a*** and we don't have privacy to get the lube so I wet him with my mouth....he wets my assshole and away we go. I actually like it....it does hurt a little to start but I get off on that a bit.

  • Whose he married to lol? Yourself or someone else!! Dumbass!

  • Yeah right...

  • Maybe you should try the s** (naughty confessions) side to this website that is AO, rather then putting this crap on here. shame on you dirty perve pedo seeker

  • Liar

  • So good!

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