That was close.

The other night my wife's siter was over, She was all upset about her boyfriend/Fiance getting caught going to rub & tugs, So she is all blubberring about this and my wife breaks out the wine, I went to bed and woke up at 2:30, I went to the bathroom and my wife was in bed snoring, I caught a glimpse of her sisters foot on the couch and after I peed I went and looked, She was asleep on her side, Facing the back of the couch and wearing my wife's "Juicy" shorts, How fitting.
My wife's sister is smaller than the wife out back and the shorts are loose on my wife so they were hanging to the side on her sister and I could ALMOST see all of one cheek, I walked up and tapped her on the hip and she didn't move, I pulled the shorts out a little and took a peek, My wife's sister is not super attractive, Kind of just an average kinda nerdy girl, I put one hand on her bum cheek and she has a tiny bum, Like nothing there and I spread her cheeks. She has an ugly s*****, Big wrinkled up inner l**** hanging out which is totally different than my wife who has none, Not one little bit so I was intrigued and sat down by her feet.
I was able to touch her bum and legs, She let me touch her big p**** lips and I was palying with them stretching them out and spreading them and she started getting wet, I sat on the floor right by her bum and she let me lick and tease her p**** and bum hole, I took one of her inner lips between my fingers and spread them then slid my tongue right in her and she just took a deep breath and stuck her bum out a little more. I slid one hand up her shirt and the one thing about her is that she does have great b****, she is a DD and skinny and my wife used to have great b**** too but after three kids they completely disappeared, They litterally sucked them right out of her and now standing she is a B cup and on her back they totally disappear into her chest, Just two big, Ugly, wrinkly, Brown nipples sticking up and some wrinkly skin that should be b****.
Anyway I was playing with her nip and licking her p**** while I rubbed her tiny little but hole that I would almost gurantee has never had a d*** in it, I go ton my knees and had my head twisted to the side one hand spraeding her lips and pulling them, I bet they are an inch long and I could stretch them to almost an inch and a half, I had my thumb working her bum hole and she stuck her bum out, Took a deep breath, twitched once, Twitched twice and let out a sigh and just a tiny little grunt sound and she came, she had girl come dripping from her p**** and I took the had i had been rubbing her bum hole with and started jerking.
I got there fast, Got up behind her and Spread her lips and just pressed my k*** against her hole, I stroked it twice with one hand while holding her big boobie with the other and shot a huge load in her holding my k*** against her tight hole so it all went inside her and as I pumped it in she moaned "Mmmhmmm" and pressed back, I thought about sliding it right in before I went soft but didn't, I stayed there until I did go soft then took off my t-shirt and cleaned up what did drip out and then fixed her shorts and leaned over her, I whispered in her ear "Next time I am going to f*** you...Ok?".
She took a deep breath, Nodded and moaned, I stood up and walked down the hallway, My wife came out of the bedroom and stopped, Looked at me and said "Ugh, Were you in the bathroom?", I said "yeah" and she said "Mmm, I woke up and you weren't there", we went back to bed and passed out. In the morning when they finally woke up we had coffee and her sister cried a little more than went home to confront her boyfriend. Close call but worth it.

Oct 5, 2020

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  • My wifes's cousin passed out one time and I dumped a load in her, Face down, Just pressed the tip into her and stroked it until I came inside her. She was in a really good mood the next day for being hungover.

  • I fingered my wife's sister one time in a similar "Couch pass out" situation but just blew on a towel because i knew she wasn't on the pill.

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